4 white ideas and 1 purple to decorate your house at Christmas

Oh, white Christmas! White is one of the most characteristic colors of Christmas postcards: snowy landscapes, children playing with snow or doing tricks, Santa Claus arriving in his sleigh pulled by reindeerâ € | This white blanket It is synonymous with Christmas and we thought that it is a good idea to bring it to our homes to fill our house with clean, bright and different spaces.

christmas 1

We leave traditional colors behind and dare more daring proposals. Let it snow!

1. Christmas arrives and everything is flooded with reds and greens. Do you find them boring? We also dare to do so with whites. Place white candles inside a plant center and also make elegant white chandeliers and place them on top of the dresser in your home or on one of the low tables in the living room. Reindeer can not miss these dates in any house. Look for different Christmas objects in the shape of reindeer. If they are white, the set will be ideal!

christmas 2

2. To decorate the tree, what better than small pineapples of light colors, white or silver! We love silver because it combines perfectly with our tree and gives it a touch of elegance.

christmas 4

3. In our house you can not miss the plants because they are one of the elements of decoration that give a natural and fresh touch. At Christmas the flowers of Easter are ideal and a must. Of red flowers? Try to make yourself with Easter flowers with yellow or white flowers. An original touch for your table.

christmas 3

4. At Christmas we receive family and friends at home and we all sit around a table to enjoy lunch and dinner together. Do not neglect the decoration of our table. Our proposal is that you put your own tablecloth for each diner and not the traditional tablecloth that covers the entire table. If your table is made of wood, leave it uncovered and decorate it with plant motifs and small silver stars. The napkins and crockery, of course, also white or cream colors.

christmas 5

5. If white is not your thing and you need colors with more temperament, we suggest you try purple, eggplant or metallic lilac. Mix them without fear with greens or roses: the effect will enchant you and will excite your guests.

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