4 strange but lovely Christmas trees

More and more people are rethinking the act of placing a natural tree at Christmas. These small firs are bred especially for the occasion and after the celebration their future is really uncertain. In these times when people are concerned about the environment and consumerism, many decide on alternative options to decorate their home for Christmas. We present four interesting but strange ideas to have a very different Christmas tree.


This interesting idea is developed from an old clothesline made of wood. Its multiple arms act like branches where you can hang a large number of Christmas spheres. In the absence of leaves our peculiar Christmas tree will wear a lot of ornaments.


In this detail, you still do not appreciate what it is about, but the idea is unique. Photography fans will have guessed it, it is a tripod decorated with the traditional elements with which a Christmas tree is decorated. The idea is how you see an article that presents a triangular shape that evokes the typical Christmas fir.


Another easy-to-see triangle is the one that forms a stepladder ladder. If it is made of wood and old much better then it will bring us a really interesting vintage and industrial touch. And as you can climb it the decoration is the easiest.


We have talked about triangular objects as substitutes for the typical Christmas tree but if we resort to a part of the tree, a branch, we can avoid that form. For a small space a simple dry branch can make the role of minimalist Christmas tree.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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