4 simple proposals to decorate the hall

The hall is the first room in the house that anyone who comes to our home will see. And for many of them it will be the only one they will see, sellers, postmen, delivery people ... we have to give it the importance it has as a representation and as an introduction to the rest of the decoration of the house. An elegant hall should act as a welcome and as part of the whole. It must be a space as transparent as possible within spatial limits and at the same time elegant and personal.

Ideas for receivers 1

We started with this rustic proposal but at the same time very elegant and sophisticated. Natural materials, vegetable fibers and wood, but of excellent quality combined with a white wall decorated with moldings that give it great sophistication.

Ideas for receivers 2

The vintage style bench and the large wall clock form a great combination to decorate this charming hall. With its informal air brings us old memories, it is an interesting option for cold weather places because it allows to store the shoes of rain and snow. Also to be able to sit us will facilitate the operation of the change of footwear.

Ideas for receivers 3

Apparently everyone does not like to see a staircase in the hall but I particularly love it, I would put a staircase in every hallway even if it did not lead anywhere. The little room under the staircase is perfect for installing the bench and the accessories that connect the hall with the staircase.

Ideas for receivers 4

A receiver does not need much to be elegant. This one in particular has enough with the white wooden coating of its walls and the elaborate ceiling. If we add a beautiful work of art and a matching lamp we will not need anything else.

Photos: sunlitspaces.com

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