4 resolutions to save money on household chores

Surely this year you have many goals and projects to be determined, because we all think about improving ourselves day by day and establishing resolutions for that to happen. So, why not incorporate some DIY skills into that great list? If you are one of those people who have no problem carrying out domestic chores, here I leave 4 resolutions to save money on household chores . Take note of them!

4 resolutions to save money on household chores

Can you save money on household chores?

Do not miss these 4 resolutions to save money on household chores , because it is advisable not to squander money, nor the resources of the planet.

Make your own household cleaners

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If besides looking after your pocket you want to contribute to the environment, there's nothing like make your own household cleaners . To do this, you will have to mix alcohol vinegar and water in equal parts and fill a spray bottle. Add a couple of drops of tea tree oil and you can get a multipurpose cleaner to disinfect your home. Alcohol vinegar is another ingredient that you surely have in your home; Mix ¼ cup in a cup of water and place in a spray bottle to clean the microwave, refrigerator and oily surfaces. So you can Save money on household chores.

Make a garden at home

4 resolutions to save money on household chores 2

There is nothing more satisfying than eat the fruits and vegetables of our garden . Dig in the dirt with your hands and plant seeds or bulbs of tomatoes, strawberries, onions, lettuce, etc. In the Gardening Guide you can learn to make a garden and enjoy these basic foods. In winter, try to grow aromatic herbs in pots.

Collect rainwater

4 resolutions to save money on household chores 3

Install a rainwater collection system to reduce water costs that you can get to spend during the growing seasons. If you do not get it you can use one or more barrels to store the rainwater that falls from the ceiling and connect a hose in each of them for later use. Remember that in some places it is not legal to collect rainwater to reuse it, so you will have to check with the officials of your city.

Create a neighborhood group to share gardening tools

The groups to share gardening tools between neighbors they are setting a trend, because it would not make sense to spend a large sum of money on expensive tools that will only be used once for a particular job. Borrow or rent your tools. Even if you have a space in your garage, you can place shelves for the tools and create something similar to a "neighborhood library".

In the long term you will see how with these 4 resolutions you will have saved a large sum of money on household chores and, as an additional benefit, they are also ecological. Sign up to all of them and, although you may not get them all immediately, you still have all the 2018 to try.

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