4 proposals to decorate with stripes

The striped print It is always a great resource in decoration since it allows to introduce colors and coordinate an environment in an easy way. It also has a very interesting visual effect that helps to change the appreciation of space. We can create height sensation or the opposite only by choosing a different orientation of the stripes.


In this case the upholstery of the sofa and the armchair combined with the armchairs in green color form a very elegant fresh set. The stripes allow a good combination with floral motifs and the whole is interconnected by the choice of color. Do not overdo the stripes, precisely because of the optical effect they produce, and we should always combine them with accessories in plain color.


The stripes act almost like a magnet for the eyes. This carpet shows us more than enough, the look is directed at her immediately. Only later, following the blue stripes, our view reaches the other elements. They have, the stripes, a great capacity to guide our gaze wherever we are interested in driving it.


Many people may be shocked by the use of striped textiles in a decoration, especially if they have not had previous experience. As many times it is said cushions are a good way to put into practice ideas that we do not have very settled. Here we see that the cushions have been used to introduce a contrast color with their striped patterns.


Also outdoors, or rather especially, it is usual to use this resource. The upholstery and fabric of this pergola refer us to an eternal summer holiday in an interesting and sophisticated place. Striped prints offer us good material to work our decoration because depending on the width of the line and the arrangement allow us to achieve some results or others.

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