4 impressive houses with sloping roofs

The penthouses and upper floors, once reserved for service, are now an expression of luxury and sophistication. In addition, when they have gable roofs, they become a challenge for architects and designers who can work in spaces far from the usual standards. It is a unique opportunity to escape from the omnipresent right angle. Let's see below 4 impressive houses with sloping roofs designed and decorated by renowned architects and decorators.


In this first house the architect Santiago Mañero It has taken advantage of the upper floor to create an open space where the great natural luminosity provided by the roof skylights stands out.



The balance between both slopes creates a symmetrical space with a great sense of spaciousness. The avant-garde decoration stands out for the purity of lines with some vintage touch.


Orange Graphics has treated this apartment with only a part of the roof inclined in a similar way, saving that the old structure has been preserved to give character to the space.



The classics of design from the middle of the last century are also present to give the apartment a sophisticated character.


The rustic style of the area is the basis of this house located in Ukraine and that the architect Roma Verbishchuk has managed to combine with the avant-garde currents.




The contrast between the wooden framework, with its exceptional beta, with the wood of the floor and the painted brick walls is very interesting.


In this last house, work of Housedesign.vn , we have a one hundred percent modern and current approach, it is a house in the mountains with the sloping roofs as it is traditional in such harsh winter conditions. The interior of the house is distributed as a loft on two levels.



Below are the common areas and in the upper part the bedroom. Particularly noteworthy are the huge windows and skylights that help create a very bright and clear space.

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