4 Danish houses decorated for Christmas

It is always interesting to take a look at the way of understanding Christmas in other countries. In this article we want to show you four examples of Christmas decorations in as many homes in distant Denmark. There, in one of the cradles of Nordic design , Christmas is understood in different ways as everywhere but as you will see the trend is quite uniform.

Danish Christmas decoration 1

In this exterior view we can appreciate a certain idea of ​​what awaits us in the interiors of the different houses. The natural but discrete tree, without large proportions, which will later be easily transplantable. Lights of candles that will create a soft and warm lighting in the dark northern winter.

Danish Christmas decoration 2

Sometimes it is not even necessary the tree, with a part of it will be enough and some old pineapples collected at the foot of the large coniferous forests. A few spheres of paper cut and the light of some candles will be enough to create that Christmas atmosphere as soon as you enter the house.

Danish Christmas decoration 3

A tree that does not have to be the most beautiful and perfect nursery. The mistletoe hanging from the ceiling and the essential candles form a discreet decoration but of great warmth and feeling.

Danish Christmas decoration 4

In the dining room of this house we can see the schematic tree in the background and the table decorated with natural motifs and a deer antler. As you may have noticed, simplicity predominates in these Christmas decorations.

Danish Christmas decoration 5

This time we can glimpse a richer and more populated tree but the decoration is still discreet and muted colors. The crown of branches in the shape of a heart, the candles and a small tree stand out on the old oriental piece of furniture. Simple and very discreet decorations to match the Nordic style decoration of the houses.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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