4 beds that will surprise you

These four beds could pass for collector's item without hesitation: they leave the most common parameters and have an unequivocal air of exclusivity. Some proposals are more risky than others, but they all make the same impression: surprise first, caprice later.

This is the case of this design in the shape of an oyster shell, to sleep under a roof that is as original as it is unique. A design for select tastes seeking a point of eccentricity for their rooms.

Design beds 1

Horchow's "Whimsical" trundle bed rests on a wooden structure that reaches up to the ceiling, in the manner of beds from other eras. A classic piece with renewed air that accompanies luxury accessories to form a set of great appeal.

Design beds 2

The "Celeste Sky" bed, designed by Kris Van den Berghe, takes up the idea of ​​covering the bed with a ceiling and even a wall-headboard, separating this rest area from the rest of the room, as if creating a separate bubble. The design is original, but also conveys very well the idea of ​​absolute rest and abandonment to the pleasures of sleep.

Design beds 3

Finally, this bed "Mantra canapé", feng-shui style, plays with the wood in its structure and with a wide and soft mattress that seems to have been designed to elevate comfort to the maximum. Highlights above its elegant and curved ceiling, designed in wood and aimed at creating a unique atmosphere in the room.

Design beds 4

Photos: housetrendfurniture.com

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