30 ideas to decorate with cactus and terraria

Decorating with plants is always a challenge for anyone, they are living beings and do not always behave as we would like. Unless we are great experts in the care of plants, and even so, we risk that they do not prosper and our studied decoration ends up lost.

Cactus and terraria 1

But if despite the risk you decide to launch and you want to have a small portion of Nature in your home we recommend you to look at these ideas to decorate with cactus and terrariums that we have compiled.

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Cacti are fantastic and resistant plants that do not need barely care and with their geometric beauty are very decorative. And there are so many different species that we can decorate any space in an original way and without fear of repeating ourselves.

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The amount as you can appreciate is not a problem, you can use a few or a large group of cactus, in any way they look good.

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The pots that we use also have their importance and can be as sophisticated or as simple as we want. Depending on the length and size of the cactus we have to choose some pots or other.

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The cactus, in interior decoration, turns out as we are seeing, a magnificent tool. They are an easy decorative resource that allows us to take advantage of their verticality, in some species, and their geometry and volume in others.

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Another advantage, which they share with the terrariums that we will see below, is that we can use them in any room of the house that has a minimum degree of luminosity. The only care we have to have, especially in some species of cactus, is with the thorns that cover them, especially if there are young children in the house.

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Terrariums are a delicious decorative resource, very popular a couple of centuries ago, which has become fashionable again. We could say that they are the minimum expression of an interior garden. And although they may seem complicated to maintain they are not at all.

Cactus and terraria 23

Cactus and terraria 24

Cactus and terraria 25

When we use terrariums to decorate, the container is also essential. As you can see there are a large number of them and in very different ways that will allow us to place terrariums in any room of the house and both on tables or furniture as hanging from the ceiling.

Cactus and terraria 26

Cactus and terraria 27

Cactus and terraria 28

To be successful with terrariums, it is essential to choose the most appropriate plant species and to maintain a sufficient degree of humidity, light and heat. Being a container without draining it is important not to overdo it with irrigation but due to the type of plants that are grown in them we should not let them dry too much. But do not be scared because the care of a terrarium is very simple, a bottle with spray to spray some water and take a look from time to time to see that the substrate has not dried are enough.

Cactus and terrariums 29

Cactus and terraria 30

Like the cactus you can use them in any room, although it will depend a lot on the type of plants grown in the terrarium because we speak of terrariums in general but in them you can grow very different plants in terms of their needs and care.

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