3 mistakes in the decoration of small spaces

The space of our home is a fact from which we must base the decoration, our house is as it is and the space unfortunately can not stretch. The basic error is fill too a small apartment, we think that if it has everything it will seem bigger but it is not like that. But apart from this common misconception there are three other errors that we must avoid in decorating a small space.

Errors in decoration 1

The curtains They are a good decorative element but the space has great importance at the time of your choice, size and installation. Heavy curtains hanging to the floor produce a bad impression in a small room.

Decoration errors 2

It is better to install them as close to the ceiling as possible and opt for light and light fabrics that increase the brightness of the space. Then we can leave them even to the ground, there is no problem.

Decoration errors 3

Choose ones furniture Too bulky about the size of the room creates an ugly impression of crowding and overwhelm.

Decoration errors 4

In a small room you have to always resort to furniture that does not occupy too much space, it is better to opt for aesthetic solutions that create a light and pleasant atmosphere.

Decoration errors 5

Decoration errors 6

And the colour , do not forget the color, a good balance of color will help us create a lively and cheerful space where we will feel at ease regardless of the size of the room. Highlight a wall with a vivid color, choose correctly the decorative accessories and other actions that introduce a little life and joy will help to decorate a small space in a pleasant and vital way.

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