3 decoration styles that still set the trend

Fashions come and go and, every so often we see how they come back because they are renewed or merged with others. Suddenly and, unwittingly, reappear in our homes as the Nordic style , which has practically become the standard of minimalism and we have not only seen it in bathrooms, but also in living rooms and even in children's rooms.

3 decoration styles that still set the trend

It does not matter, if you are in a cold climate at this time, because the trends continue to be summer and with many colors. Next, I'll leave you 3 decoration styles that still set the trend .

Boho chic

3 styles of decoration that still set the trend 1

If you love the hippie and disinterested wave, version 2.0 of boho chic style Has returned. Here are some keys to achieve it:

  • Colors? Use all you find without mixing.
  • Stamped? Combine them even if at first glance you feel that these do not "match" ????. Come on! Surely you will be surprised with the contrast.
  • Add an exotic touch with details that remind you of other latitudes. If you dare, add Moroccan lanterns. They are a must!
  • Do not forget about incorporate plants as, for example, a very leafy palm or diverse cactus.


3 decoration styles that still set the trend 2

Surely when you read Navy, you thought of white and blue stripes and you guessed right! Nowadays the Navy wave continues to set trends but now it has been renewed and has included marine animals such as sea horses, fish, octopuses and corals. Here are some keys to achieve it:

  • Bring life to any space by adding fluorine colors, such as coral. You can also add fuchsia or mint green.
  • Logically, the sea continues to be the inspiration. So add a huge picture that represents the sea, because the main objective of this style is to feel the relaxation and the breeze of the coast even if you are in the country or in the city.
  • Add sofas, cushions and armchairs of different sizes, colors and designs.


3 decoration styles that still set the trend 3

The sea, the tropical nature and its green colors brighten and enliven any space in the home . To achieve the tropical style, you must include the following:

Natural materials such as rattan, wicker and bamboo are preferred for achieve the tropical style .

  • Opt for intense and cheerful colors, such as green in all ranges. If you want to cut the color, add yellow or turquoise.
  • Bet on palm trees, birds of paradise and other exotic plants and flowers in your prints
  • Go for decorative objects such as flamingos, parrots and toucans.
  • Bet on the tropical style both outdoors and indoors.

3 decoration styles that still set a trend 4

Do you dare to try these 3 styles of decoration ?

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