3 contemporary uses of wallpaper

Wallpaper, that resource so used between the 60s and 80s of the last century, returns and with force. There is such a variety of wallpapers that it is almost impossible not to find one that suits us. Interior designers provide us with great ideas to make use of the wallpaper beyond which we are more accustomed. We are going to see three contemporary uses of wallpaper, it is not about choosing a paper and filling a room with it, nowadays you can and should be more creative.

3 contemporary uses of wallpaper 1

The designers have shown us an interesting path, instead of papering an entire room what we will do is wallpaper only one wall or one delimited portion of it . This creates an important visual attraction that creates a very strong point of interest. This resource is very elegant, sober and economical.

3 contemporary uses of wallpaper 2

Another interesting use is to paper the inside the cabinets, pantries or also the fund of the open furniture like the shelves. We also use this intelligent resource to renovate some furniture that is already a little damaged by time.

3 contemporary uses of wallpaper 3

3 contemporary uses of wallpaper 4

And speaking of intelligent uses this third proposal is and much. Many times we want to put some picture but we do not decide neither by the subject nor by the concrete images. Well, as you can see in the image above, a few frames framing pieces of wallpaper they can create a coordinated and at the same time asymmetric set. Or we can hang strips as vertical banners as in the bottom image.

Photos: interiordesignonadime.com

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