27 inspiring ideas for the Christmas tree

As it never hurts a little help we bring you these ideas for the decoration of your Christmas tree . Surely among all these we have gathered you will find some that fall in love with you and if not you can always stay with the best of the decorations that cause more impact and develop your own version. We hope you find it useful to have a tree with a special decoration this year.

Christmas trees ideas 1

If the Christmas exuberance is not your thing you can opt for a more symbolic tree, a minimalist tree that decorates but does not make you feel overwhelmed by the size or the tinsel.

Ideas for Christmas trees 2

In this environment of retro air the tree with its sober decoration inspired by that of the living room is perfect. We must take into account the decoration of the room to decorate for one style or another in the arrangement of our tree.

Ideas for Christmas trees 3

The decoration in metallic tones it is always elegant and if the surroundings are decorated in warm tones the set is a sober decoration but full of light.

Ideas for Christmas trees 4

Everything is at home, a natural tree , small and without complexes that we will decorate with ornaments made by ourselves. A homemade and simple option that will portray our personality.

Ideas for Christmas trees 5

A vintage touch it always looks good in a modern decoration and what better vintage touch than a classic tree with all its traditional ornaments?

Ideas for Christmas trees 6

If we vary the tone of the traditional green and we opt for a green lime You will have a classic air decoration but with a very original modern touch.

Ideas for Christmas trees 7

In a cottage setting Like the one in this image, a natural tree, although somewhat ungainly, remains perfect even if only a sober decoration is visible.

Ideas for Christmas trees 8

A white tree with white lights and white trim is ideal for lovers of minimalist design. It will not steal attention to the careful decoration of the house and will shine brightly to give the Christmas touch you need.

Ideas for Christmas trees 9

A sober decor It is always the best option when our tree is majestic and also has a rich natural environment as a backdrop.

Ideas for Christmas trees 10

A classic decoration is not incompatible with elegance. In this tree decorated with the traditional colors of Christmas you can give it a modern air with lighting .

Ideas for Christmas trees 11

Skates and gloves next to snow stars They are a nice and fun theme for a traditional tree but with a modern and young approach.

Ideas for Christmas trees 12

A lighting in warm tones it looks good in almost any environment and softens the visual impact of traditional greens and reds.

Ideas for Christmas trees 13

Ornaments in orange, yellow and green They will make a more interesting white tree. They will integrate it into the environmental decoration so that it is not so shocking.

Ideas for Christmas trees 14

The paper it can be both a topic and a sustainable decorative option . We can decorate the Christmas tree with garlands of pennants and an auction also made with paper. We will choose papers with a certain theme, musical scores or old texts.

Ideas for Christmas trees 15

If the tree is small we can create a very strong point of visual attraction if we decorate it with a large ornaments in red . Classicism from a new perspective.

Ideas for Christmas trees 16

This tree is a commemoration of the figure of Santa Claus , all its ornaments are related to this emblematic Christmas figure. A very suitable theme for a classic Christmas tree decoration.

Ideas for Christmas trees 17

If we live near the sea or are passionate about the marine world this tree with marine theme It will satisfy us enormously. Starfish of different types and adornments like seaweed will give a marine touch to our Christmas decoration.

Ideas for Christmas trees 18

The simplicity It is always a desirable virtue even at Christmas. This tree with little decorative load is great in this magnificent living room with fireplace.

Ideas for Christmas trees 19

A Christmas tree where the predominant details in white As if it were a frozen tree it is appropriate for any style of decoration.

Ideas for Christmas trees 20

We can also play with the decoration of the house and decorate the tree with ornaments in predominant colors in the room although they are not the typical Christmas colors.

Ideas for Christmas trees 21

The ornaments made in paper by ourselves they are another very interesting option to give a personal and homemade touch to our Christmas tree.

Ideas for Christmas trees 22

A good lighting It will always earn us points. The tone of the lighting should also complement the style of the room.

Ideas for Christmas trees 23

This little one silver tree it is a song to the writing, another subject that is perfect in a Christmas tree. The time of the stories and the narrations next to the fire of the home.

Ideas for Christmas trees 24

The snow stars they are an interesting subject for a Christmas decoration. There is a lot to choose from and they will provide a winter Christmas white atmosphere.

Ideas for Christmas trees 25

For those who love Christmas the most is the color this option will enchant you. Color in abundant, varied and brilliant so that your house shines this Christmas.

Ideas for Christmas trees 26

Christmas and family are two concepts that go hand in hand, family celebrations are quintessentially so decorate our tree with photographs and family memories It will have a great sentimental impact.

Ideas for Christmas trees 27

This winter air decoration with details in blue It is very appropriate for a house decorated in modern style.

Photos: bhg.com

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