26 proposals to decorate a coffee table

Every coffee table, by definition, becomes an important focal point of any living room or not. This small horizontal surface stands out among the other lines that make up the piece and it is our job to get it to have a better decoration. With this objective we have prepared this collection of 26 ideas to decorate a coffee table.


The decoration of a coffee table should be appropriate to its size to respect the proportionality inherent in any good decoration and to be functional should leave room for usual use.


We must bear in mind that a coffee table is a functional piece of furniture and if we only use it as a pure ornament, it loses all its meaning. We always have to reserve space for a tray, a few cups of coffee or simply to leave a book or remote control of the TV.




So without forgetting that small requirement we can happen to let free rein to our imagination. We will worry about the color and shape of the objects that we put on the coffee table so that they do not clash with it or with the rest of the room.




As you will have seen in any previous example missing a green touch, plants and flowers are an important element in a good decoration for coffee table. Although obviously it may not be present at times or replaced by other natural products such as fruits and nuts.



Fresh flowers can be replaced by dry flowers when we do not have them at hand and in some circumstances we can even win. Above we see an original coffee table that is nothing more than an old support for earthen jars where the hollows are occupied by containers of vegetable fiber filled with dried flowers.




Another element that is not usually missing in the decoration of the coffee table are the candles. Sometimes simply because of their shape they are already a good decorative object but they can also be aromatic and their warm light will help intensely to create a space conducive to human relations.




Decorative objects can not be missing from a coffee table either. But keep in mind that they maintain a good relationship with the rest of the decoration, both in shape and size.




It is very important to maintain a good relationship between the space occupied by the decorative elements and the free space that will remain for everyday use. That is why trays and plates work very well to place inside the purely ornamental part of the decoration. Well, we can easily separate them when we need more space for our use of the coffee table.




And of course never forget to place the plants or flowers in containers or planters to avoid staining the tabletop. They also contribute to facilitate their change of location when we need more space.




A coffee table is a small multipurpose piece of furniture that gives us a great game both practical and decorative and we hope that with these images that we have shown you today you can improve the decoration of your coffee table.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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