25 ideas to store footwear

Normally we always plan and plan the space to store our clothes, for this we always try to provide the necessary wardrobes and dressing rooms but it seems that shoes are the last thing we think about. These essential instruments for the protection and decoration of our suffering feet also require correct storage places for their good conservation and organization.

Shoe storage 1

We are going to show you an extensive tour of the multiple ways we can use in order to store the shoes when we do not use them. Simple options such as furniture made expressly for storage that allows them to be stored and hidden.

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Shoe storage 3

Shoe storage 4

Lately people are also opting for storage systems in sight either in simple shelves or practical furniture or ideas that allow to have well organized a large number of pairs of shoes.

Shoe storage 5

Although some stores in sight are not such when they are within enviable locker rooms as we can see above, to get lost.

Shoe storage 6

We can also treat the footwear as what it is, when it is beautiful and well made, a work of art that allows its exhibition with elegance and sophistication.

Shoe storage 7

Shoe storage 8

Shoe storage 9

Shoe storage 10

As you will see there are a large number of ways to store footwear, from furniture made for that specific purpose to great ideas adapted from elements used for a different purpose.

Shoe storage 11

Shoe storage 12

The best solution for each specific case will obviously depend on the particular circumstances, space and budget are the two major conditions. And of course the collection of shoes that everyone has.

Shoe storage 13

Shoe storage 14

Shoe storage 15

There are storage solutions for all types of shoes and it will be interesting to choose those that allow you to have an optimal organization to differentiate the different types of shoes. Important especially when you already have a respectable amount of shoes.

Shoe storage 16

Shoe storage 17

Shoe storage 18

Shoe storage 19

Masculine, feminine, luxurious, simple, witty, intelligent, in short a solution to store and keep your footwear with all the care and love you want.

Shoe storage 20

Shoe storage 21

Shoe storage 22

Shoe storage 23

Shoe storage 24

Shoe storage 25

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey among so many and many ideas so that your favorite shoes are properly preserved.

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