23 outdoor dining ideas to create yours

The good weather makes it mandatory that we extract all the juice to the outer space of our home. Whether it is a patio, a terrace, the garden or a simple balcony with what we have, we can set up a dining room, more or less large depending on the space available, allowing us to eat outside. Take advantage of the fresh air and enjoy any meal, dinner or breakfast either alone or in company.

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With all the ideas we have gathered here, I am convinced that you will find inspiration to set up your own outdoor dining room. There are solutions for all tastes, styles and budgets.

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Is there something more beautiful than having breakfast with the morning cool, listening to the trill of the birds and smelling the aroma of the plants that begins to spread with the warmth of the first hours of sun? I am convinced that there is nothing better.

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As there is nothing like reuniting your family, your friends, the special people of your life at a table surrounded by greenery, with the breeze and the warm embrace of the sun. The basic elements that you need are a table, the necessary number of chairs and some complement that allows to shade the whole.

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Any decorative style can be ideal to decorate our outdoor dining room. Rustic, nordic, shabby chic, boho chic and any other that we like we can use it to create our space of relationship and rest in our garden, patio or terrace.

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It can be a sober or colorful space, that will depend on our taste and preferences. The light colors, pastel shades and chalk paintings are very good to create refined atmospheres of Provencal air.

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Outdoor dining room 14

Outdoor dining room 15

As for the budget necessary to create our outdoor dining room, as you can imagine, it can be very varied. From taking advantage of old furniture of the house adapting them to the new use until buying a whole set of outdoor furniture, they fit many budgets.

Outdoor dining 16

Outdoor dining room 17

Outdoor dining room 18

Most of the times the most important thing is to take advantage of the location where we set up the dining room. The complements will have a function especially corrective to avoid the unattractive or blatantly ugly views. When the landscape is beautiful the fewer decorative complements the better.

Outdoor dining room 19

Outdoor dining 20

Outdoor dining 21

It is important to provide a lighting installation that allows you to enjoy our outdoor dining room at night. Possibly the best time next to the first hours of the morning to be comfortable. The midday hours are the hottest and then it will depend a lot on the quality of the shade that our dining room has so that it can be used.

Outdoor dining 22

Outdoor dining 23

It is not difficult, nor expensive to have an outdoor dining room or it should not be if we do not want to. The important thing is that in summer we can make our social life abroad as comfortably as possible.

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