23 ideas to enjoy your outdoor space in style

Counting at home with garden, terrace, patio or any other outdoor space is a luck and a blessing that we should know how to take advantage of since it is in fact a consubstantial part of our home. We would like to help in this great task of accommodating your outer space to your needs and to the architecture and location of your home. And for this we have gathered these 23 different decorative expressions so that you can enjoy in your own home a lush and luxurious outdoor environment.

Exterior deco 1

As we will see in all the proposals you need to create a comfortable, pleasant space that invites you to sit and let yourself be embraced by the freshness of the plants and the warmth of the sun. That's what it's about when you want to decorate an outdoor environment, allow yourself to enjoy your ordinary life but outside the home, outdoors.

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We will choose a style if possible in the same vein as the interior decoration of the house. Sudden changes of style in a small space are not good at all.

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At least we need a place to sit, an auxiliary table to place objects and drinks and some element to protect us from the sun if the space is not sufficiently wooded.

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Exterior deco 11

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If we have enough space we can add a table to eat and even a kitchen area, either a complete kitchen or a simple grill. Lately the outdoor fireplaces are also taken a lot for the cool moments of the night or to enjoy the outdoor space even if the ambient temperature is a bit low. Although it is also very relaxing to simply observe a good fire.

Exterior deco 13

Exterior deco 14

Exterior deco 15

Exterior deco 16

The possibilities are many and you just have to choose the one that best fits the architecture and location of your home. You can not always enjoy wonderful views of the sea or the pleasant company of tall, leafy trees!

Exterior deco 17

Exterior deco 18

Exterior deco 19

Another important point, especially if we are going to start from scratch our decoration of the garden, patio or terrace of our house is to take care of the soil first. The truth is that we can install our living area on any floor, including the earth but if we have a good coating we can take more time from our outdoor space. Tile, stone, concrete or even gravel, there are many options and each one has its advantages and disadvantages that you must value.

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Deco exterior 22

Exterior deco 23

Exterior deco 24

Exterior deco 25

We hope we have helped you and that you can find in these images inspiration to create your ideal outer space, totally personalized and adapted to your particular circumstances.

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