23 DIY ideas to decorate the stairs

The stairs are an essential architectural element in a house with more than one floor. Some stairs are by themselves true works of art design and style, others are uncomfortable guests who do not know how to fit into the decoration of the house. If you are victims of stairs that are horrible, boring or want to give them a new air more in tune with the times and with your personal taste here we show you 23 ideas that you can carry out yourself without too many costs.

DIY stairs ideas 1

The wallpaper to decorate the front of the steps is a simple, easy and economical idea. Your creativity will be the only limit. You will only need wallpaper of your liking, glue and protective varnish to finish the work.

Ideas DIY stairs 2

Ideas DIY stairs 3

Take a few pots of paint and your ingenuity and firm pulse will be another magnificent and economical way to decorate the stairs to your liking. Easy to make and easy to reverse, everything must be taken into account.

DIY stairs ideas 4

The carpets are one of the most classic decorative elements for stairs. But instead of using the classic one-piece carpet, how about this ingenious idea? Use a combination of small rugs to cover the steps.

DIY stairs ideas 5

Vintage is in fashion, give a vintage look to your anodyne stairs and will be fully updated.

DIY stairs ideas 6

Typography is another of the decorative resources that have entered with force in recent years in the world of decorative arts. Kisses and hugs to receive your visitors.

Ideas DIY stairs 7

Long scarves hand-woven so that your steps do not pass or a hint of cold. A DIY idea for lovers of yarn and needles.

DIY stairs ideas 8

An original way to decorate a library for example or any space dedicated to culture. Play on each step the look of a book, an idea for great readers.

DIY Ideas stairs 9

An incessant trickle of washi tape, real or simulated, rather simulated since the real one would not support the daily grind. You can recreate the look of the washi tape with colorful vinyl.

DIY Ideas stairs 10

And what would you think about ascending the keyboard of a piano? A simple decoration for music lovers.

DIY stairs ideas 11

Sometimes decorate and use ingeniously the dead spaces go hand in hand. Here we have some beautiful stairs that serve as a support to store bicycles, at the time the machines give that industrial touch that is so much worn nowadays.

DIY stairs ideas 12

Thanks to the wonderful LEDs now decorating with light is something within reach of anyone. They fit in any corner and their installation is simple and safe.

DIY stairs ideas 13

What better decoration for the stairs of access to a house that a whole declaration of principles? Firm hand, a paint pot, brush and good hand.

DIY stairs ideas 14

And if you want to give it a sailor or country look, I installed a thick gauge rope as a handrail, practical and above all original.

DIY stairs ideas 15

When it comes to making stairs from scratch, a proper pallet stacking can be a good idea.

DIY stairs ideas 16

For a playful space or an eternal child, stairs with pieces of lego. An incredible challenge

DIY stairs ideas 17

Breaking the monotony with a rainbow deployed on the spartan stairs is easy with a well-worked sense of color.

DIY stairs ideas 18

If you are elegant and sophisticated, a decoration in ombré is perfect for a banister of bars.

DIY stairs ideas 19

Before we saw a lot of small rugs to decorate a staircase, here you have the classic version with new air, a one-piece carpet with a very modern multicolored design.

DIY stairs ideas 20

Counting the steps is something we all have done as children, some of us even dragging them. Let's facilitate the task by marking the numbering of the steps, the children will love it.

DIY staircase ideas 21

Another ideal way for children to make this space their own is to paint with slate paint and let them do it.

DIY stairs ideas 22

A mirror mosaic will be ideal for a gloomy staircase and for old fans of the nightclubs of the 80s.

DIY stairs ideas 23

A too-sober handrail can be completely transformed with a lot of colored balloons. It serves as a temporary decoration, for a children's party or a birthday, as well as for decorating the children's play area on an ongoing basis.

Photos: chomec.com

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