21 ideas to have a wooden entrance door

Wood is the most common raw material for the manufacture of entrance doors. It is resistant, durable and very decorative. Although you may think it is very traditional you just have to take a look at the ones we have gathered here and you will see that there is everything from classic models to the most modern ones.


Rustic wood, aged or worn look, is a great option that can serve both a traditional house and a modern design.


Wood is a very versatile material that allows multiple finishes. We can use from a simple sanding to a meticulous varnishing through an intermediate range of finishes.


This satin black finish is perfect in this modern beach house. A door that moves away from traditional models.


This instead is a lovely vintage door that as we see also looks very good in this traditional house.


Recovered wood of rustic finish for a contemporary house where it contrasts with the smoked glass.


A varnished wooden door that can beautifully in any style of house.


The varnishing has great importance when it comes to defining the style and air we want to give to an entrance door.


The fine and delicate varnishes give a feeling of elegance and sophistication.


The glass makes the wooden doors more friendly and cozy.


In modern or contemporary style wooden doors, one usually chooses to avoid moldings or to replace them with other, more innovative elements.


Here we have a wooden door with a minimalist design that fits very well in a wood-lined facade.


The exotic woods of dark tone are very used in this type of doors. Adding a piece of glass to one side or both will alleviate the feeling of heaviness in the door.


Although sometimes that is precisely sought to convey a sense of intimacy and solidity.


Combining aluminum and wood is a good option to give a modern look to a wooden entrance door.


In the same way, stainless steel is also a very used material for the beautification of modern style wooden doors.


Wood, glass and stainless steel is a triad very used in this type of doors.


This spectacular entrance door plays with the texture and color of the wood in a very original way.


Wide planks in different shades unified by the large stainless steel handle is the most remarkable feature of this door.


Original pivoting door that allows you to open the house to the outside when desired.


Another door with an identical but different finished system.


Wide, very wide wooden entrance door with modern and original color and texture.

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