21 ideas to decorate your home with burlap cloth

It has been a while since the burlap cloth has been introduced into many homes. This fabric, previously restricted to rural and commercial areas, has gained its own merit an important place among the resources of professionals and decoration enthusiasts. On this occasion we want to show you 21 ideas to decorate with burlap cloth that will surely inspire you many more so that you can create your own decorations with this peculiar fabric.

deco with burlap

The burlap cloth is a coarse and rough fabric made with natural fibers such as hemp and jute. It has an unmistakable appearance as well as a rich texture that contrasts with the softness of the typical surfaces of the home. These characteristics make it very suitable for creating decorative creations with high visual impact.



Its wide plot allows it to be used as a screen or curtain to regulate the brightness in rustic style environments.



On the table is an easy resource for creating tablecloths and table runners by combining tonally with the wood of the board.


When we use it to make a curtain we can combine it with other fabrics or dye it partially in some contrasting color so that it gains interest.



As a frame background, it is an irreplaceable material, both for its appearance and for its physical characteristics, which allow it to easily hold jewelery and jewelery pieces in it.




A pillow with a burlap cover, decorations for chairs, are some of the ideas that we can develop with some pieces of this characteristic fabric.


These lampshades made with burlap cloth are a great solution because they contrast perfectly with the silver foot of the lamps.





The burlap cloth admits many treatments and combinations. You can print on them creating the designs that we want in an easy and simple way. They can also be painted and combined with contrast elements like this curtain fastened with a string of pearls.


The burlap fabric with old prints, whether original or more usually reproduced, is a classic and to top the decoration of rustic spaces or unfinished style.




An enormous field to explore is that of DIY creations made with burlap cloth. Above we have three very interesting examples. We can use it to cover a few ordinary containers and transform them into beautiful vases or vases and also to place them in sewing frames and create an interesting board for notes and images.



From a simple complement to hang some pineapples to an elaborate tablecloth with ruffles. The burlap cloth is cheap and easy to work with to achieve what we set out to do.

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