21 ideas to decorate your hall with exposed brick

We all know at this point the importance of having a beautiful, well-kept and elegant hall. It is what our visitors first see when they get home and often the only thing. A good first impression is essential. The receiver must also be functional and practical so that we can get rid of all those objects that we carry on the street and when we get home we are anxious to get rid of them. We have seen, in other articles, the full potential of the exposed brick walls to improve the appearance of any stay. Decorate your hall with exposed brick following these proposals and you will give a new look to yours.


A brick wall is enough to decorate a hall but of course it is not the only proposal, there is much more.


The exposed brick presents different finishes and colors. And we can introduce it in very different decorative styles.


Apart from the color and naturalness that gives the brick also adds texture. All of them very interesting factors for any decoration.


With the brick seen we do not need much more. The complements to organize our entrance and little else.


Of course, when you see these proposals, you always think, "What do I do that I live in a modern apartment, with no brick to show off?"


Not everyone can enjoy a home made with century-old solid bricks. This would be a clear example. Here it would only take a little work to remove the plaster, if it exists, and a varnish to prevent the wall from releasing dust. What a little work!


Well, but if it is not your case, you can always resort to the decorative plate that can be acquired in DIY and construction centers. We will find many options, ceramic, plastic, aggregates ... You can simulate the brick seen easily and in a completely faithful way.


This vintage hall, with this exposed brick wall and that old window, does not need more than what it has: a piece of furniture for shoes and hangers to hang garments.


The amount of exposed brick will depend on the impact we want to cause and on the architecture of the home.


Speaking of architecture, by the way, here we have a great brick pillar seen. If you have any architectural particularity in your house, take advantage of it! Do not be shy.


A frame and a wall like the ones we see here deserve to be in sight. The guts of a construction are your soul and you have to show them.


This minimalist hall is decorated with a plate that imitates the brick seen and looks great.


We have to adapt to what we have, it is part of happiness as they say. Since we can not all enjoy a magnificent and regal hall like this one.


The bricks can be of different colors and with different finishes. The whitewashed brick is very well in Nordic environments and also in other styles.


The shabby chic is one of them. This proposal shows us how well it combines the white painted brick with the typical furniture of the style.


But also in an eclectic atmosphere of masculine air like this one is phenomenal when contrasting with the predominant dark tones.


Another elegant and sophisticated proposal where we see the previous combination of black and white tones.


But also for a clearly feminine hall the whitewashed brick can go very well.


And of course it will be a good canvas on which to capture our particular touches of color.


The polyvalence of exposed brick does not end here. We can also choose to paint them in other colors. This bluish gray is a good example.


And this wall of bricks seen painted in black is another excellent proposal. The possibilities are numerous, you just have to investigate, try and decide which one you prefer.


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