21 ideas to decorate the dining room in white and wood

The dining table is more than just a place to sit and enjoy a meal. It is the place where families can share their memories and desires, where friends gather to reaffirm their relationship and where a person can sit quietly in the morning to reflect on a cup of hot coffee. It is one of the most precious parts of the home and as such deserves careful attention. We have put together these 21 ideas to decorate the dining room in white and wood. Although we talk about wood as a color it is clear that it does not come down to that, in fact there are many colors but also designs, patterns and textures, wood is also a natural element and a warm and very special surface for human beings.


A minimalist dining room where wood plays a predominant role, despite its sapwood, a warm and cool space while being considerably animated with the glass window on the right and the children's air mural on the left.


White dining room walls and furniture allow the natural wood of the table and the iconic Wishbone chairs to stand out.


Here is another dining room with Wishbone chairs. This one seems clearly influenced by the Scandinavian design, equipped with honest materials and an eclectic decoration. The white floors, so typical of the Nordic style, are an interesting option to highlight the color of the wood.


Very warm and cozy this space uses a finish that highlights the yellow tones of the wooden floor and cabinets. The chairs are from the "About a Chair" collection by Hee Welling and the lamps placed on the table are the Heracleum II by Bertjan Pot.


The wooden handles in the cabinets provide a decorative element and improve the design through functionality. The lighting solutions are especially inventive: a pendant light with a screen illuminates the table gently while the indirect light from the ceiling creates a comfortable atmosphere.


The kitchen in black and the dining room in light wood form two well differentiated spaces. Konstantin Grcic's white table and geometric chairs complete the decoration.


A bright dining room, although taking advantage of the space in shade, is complemented by a small breakfast counter located in front of one of the windows to enjoy the morning light.


An environment where the warmth of wood and white predominates becomes a counterpoint. The chairs of Francesco Rota complement this effect of lights and shadows.


This huge wooden table has a large eaves board that allows you to install many chairs and gather a large number of people around you.


A charming and charming Nordic design dining room. The original modular wooden shelf combines a beautiful collection of enameled iron objects from the Cathrineholm collection by the renowned designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen, known as the queen of Scandinavian design.


Another huge dining room for an open space in which the kitchen, dining room and living room are neatly combined.


Dark wood and white marble come together to create a fresh and contemporary atmosphere. The charming chairs with their exotic and original girih pattern form a good contrast.


This spacious and simple dining room uses light tones throughout. The kitchen area is quite interesting with that tracked wall covering and the shelves in the shape of wooden boxes.


An industrial touch for this Nordic-inspired dining room in which the game between black, white and wood stands out.


Those who love big meals will be delighted with the extra-wide table used in this elegant dining room. The work surface also offers a lot of space for the dishes.


A simple table is a great option if you prefer to draw attention to other accessories, such as these iconic Eames and Verner Panton chairs.


Tiled floors and mirror surfaces conspire to create an aesthetic of classic inspiration with nuances of luxury. The imposing chairs that combine wood and bright white are from the Flow collection designed by Jean Marie Massaud.


The minimal and discreet black table creates in this dining room an important sensation of lightness. Wooden panels cover the wall and also have a sliding board to hide the television during quiet family dinners.


In a simple environment with lines and right angles something is needed to break the scheme and draw attention to this fantastic lamp.


Original dining room in wood with a table and some chairs that remember other times but that reveal a design and a very current invoice.


Another table and its corresponding chairs in dark wood but included in an absolutely white frame. The Heracleum lamp becomes a focal point of the first order.

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