21 ideas for using pallets in decoration

For decades pallets have been used in the transport of goods and most people who were not related to the manufacturing and distribution of products sector knew nothing about them. But in recent years the pallets have entered with force, with an unprecedented force I would say, in the world of decoration and design.

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We find innumerable uses, designs and elaborations made from these industrial objects, here we will do a little review so you can see the wide variety of furniture and decorative objects that can be made with one or more pallets.

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Dining tables or for the terrace or patio they are simple elaborations based on joining several of these transport elements. Creating a support structure or simply adding some rotating wheels that emphasize its industrial aspect.

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One of the star furniture made with pallets are the coffee table , in different designs and degrees of complexity from simply painting a pallet and adding rotating wheels and a glass for the top to an elaborate coffee table with drawers. Although it is also easy to make a desk from a pallet.

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In the kitchen we can form an island with only pallets, simply join three pallets and give them a good coat of paint and we will have our modern Island of cooking .

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The sofas they do not escape the fashion of the pallet, if we get a good amount of them we can create a corner sofa with a large storage capacity. Even with a plastic pallet we can make a small practical and comfortable sofa.

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The outdoor furniture they are another perfect option to make with pallet wood, this is usually treated and supports weather conditions quite well.

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But also in the bedroom there is room for the pallets, guest beds , beds or sofas for the children's room or one bed for our pet .

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In the C Storage time and as a decorative object the pallet also has a lot of play. Saving and organizing objects with pallets is not only practical but also decorative.

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As vertical garden It is ideal, with only a few components that we add we will have a perfect vertical garden for our flowers or our aromatic herbs.

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Ideas with pallets 21

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There are few things that can not be done with pallets as we have seen, from ornamental objects until stairs going through a decorative lamp. As everything in decoration the limit is not to exceed, too many elements together made with pallets can be little decorative.

Photos: homedit.com

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