21 ideas for a shabby chic room

The shabby chic is a decorative style that, perhaps due to its feminine character, finds an incomparable setting in the bedrooms. These magnificently dressed beds with a thousand ruffles and fluffy comforters offer an image of comfort, sweetness and comfort. We will see below 21 ideas for a shabby chic room that will allow us to decorate our bedroom in this beautiful style.


As you may already know, the shabby chic is a decorative style in which the textiles, colors and outdated style of the furniture is decidedly fundamental.



The beds have to have an elegant structure and, if possible, have a tall, well visible headboard, sometimes we can also use canopy beds or a subtle tulle mosquito net.


The bedding should have volume, no smooth fabrics, on the contrary, well decorated with folds and ruffles. And well coupled with the rest of the room.


The furniture will always have a vintage look when not directly marked by the passage of time, or in its case an imitation thereof. As we see here also fit iron beds that although of less aesthetic impact also give us a vintage flavor.


The color that prevails in shabby chic rooms is white as you have seen on multiple occasions. Although you can also use other colors but always in light or pastel colors like this pink so feminine.


The shabby chic allows us to give a new life to those old furniture of the grandmother or our latest acquisitions in the noble hunting of opportunities. Although most times we will have to give them a good preparation so they can be included in this decoration. Simply try to give them a coat of paint and if we like to finish them with used and old look.


Here we have a clear example of this trend of shabby chic that focuses on the use of furniture with peeling paint and vintage air accessories.


Rescuing an old magazine rack like this one, which surely no one paid attention to long ago, giving it a coat of white paint and sanding the edges is one of the small and easy contributions to our room.


The white becomes almost exclusive when it comes to painting the furniture, which if we think about it well is a great opportunity for many of the old furniture that we can easily find in shops and flea markets.


Finding a metal bed with this incredible patina will surely be much more complicated. But if you do not try, you'll never know ...


The shabby chic allows us to recover and reuse materials, furniture and accessories that otherwise would have little or no future. It is a very conscious decorative style with everything related to the culture of recycling.


From a purely economic point of view we can say that it is a style that does not involve large investments, in principle it is clear, since everything will depend on our attitude and possibilities. It clearly depends on whether we prefer or can buy everything or use our ingenuity to adapt old materials.


When using antique furniture it is more important to focus on the character of each piece than on the perfect combination of all the furniture that makes up a room. In reality it is about us building our own scenario and not that we easily acquire it in a catalog.


As you have seen there is a common denominator in this style, in addition to furniture and clothing. Yes, that is, chandeliers are almost the only option, although of course there is a lot to choose from.



The shabby chic can be conceived from very different points of view although always respecting a few basic minimums. Color, furniture, coordination ... then we can opt for more worn furniture or less and all other variants of the style.


So we can introduce some furniture like this black iron bed that for some purists could be out of place. Although the truth is that it gives a good contrast and creates a very estimable effect.


The accessories are very important when rounding and completing a decoration, in any style. In our case a textile that is very well to use in a complementary way is the burlap that gives us a rustic and vintage touch as well as contrast fantastically well with the ruffles.


Here we have a wonderful example of good use of the accessories, the fantastic chandelier, the worn wooden bench at the foot of the bed and the round tables used as bedside tables as well as the wooden bracket that holds the table of the head of the bed.


A coat rack or a bar can serve us to hang our best dresses, the ones that are better with the shabby chic decoration of our room and thus have an easy and elegant decorative complement.

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