20 shelves to organize the toys of the kids

Children's rooms are usually territories where chaos reigns at the slightest occasion: clothes, books, toys ... Bedrooms and game rooms where the children carry out their mischief and need a good place to store all these objects.

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These are twenty proposals of shelves to store children's toys and make the bedrooms of the children are ordered and balanced places.

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In this case, the shelves are our best allies. With this furniture we will guarantee a certain order in the room and we will have a much more harmonious decoration.

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One of the most useful things we can teach the little ones in the house is to organize their rooms, for example before going to dinner or sleeping. A good idea is to pose it as a small game, turning a routine task into something fun.

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If children learn early to take responsibility for their belongings and to treat their rooms with care, what we will gain as parents, especially in tranquility.

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The variety of models is very wide, and if we opt for rather small furniture, we can place a few symmetrically along the walls. Most of these standard shelves have a limited capacity, so you will surely need more than one in each room.

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Shelves for kids 15

The most common is to place them on the wall opposite the bed, but it can also be very practical to have a light shelf on the bed with books and stories, in case the children want to read before going to sleep. Or with your favorite dolls and stuffed animals.

Shelves for kids 16

Some models are full of compartments, while others are landscape and open. We can find shelves with glass doors, but if we choose these models we will have to take into account the age of the children to avoid certain risks.

Shelves for kids 17

Shelves for kids 18

As they grow, we can adapt furniture-shelving to their tastes and opt for models with greater capacity. If the children already have a certain autonomy it is good that these shelves are of several heights, from the floor to more than a meter and a half high, so that they can place their toys to their liking.

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Shelves for kids 20

Photos: kidsomania.com

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