20 proposals to decorate with slate paint

For a while now, slate paint has seeped into many homes thanks to its many decorative and practical qualities. It began to be used in Nordic style decorations due to its characteristic black tone that makes it so suitable in such environments. It is a bituminous black color that gives a special character to any surface that is covered with said paint.

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As we will see in many of the images that accompany one of the rooms that best admit this decoration are the kitchens. In them we take advantage of the contrast effect when painting a wall or part of it black and at the same time we can exploit the particular qualities of the painting creating areas for the shopping list, reminders, rules and what we can think of .

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And although it can be used in any room, another favorite to exploit all the qualities of slate painting is the office or office. Here we can also write well to the pending tasks and other reminders.

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The children's rooms are also a fantastic place to decorate with slate paint. For this, it is best to define well the space where they can paint, a frieze in the lower part of the whole room or on one of the walls will allow them to draw with chalk. We can add a complement so that they can use rolls of paper as support for their creations, they will have an excellent artistic corner where they can develop their creativity.

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As we are seeing is a decorative complement that can give us a lot of play in almost any room of the house. To delimit, to delimit, to define the different zones of a stay are some of the tasks that we can entrust to this practical support.

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The kitchen wins by a landslide as a stay to use this decorative resource and that for that ability to separate and highlight the different areas of the kitchen. But there are still more decorative resources under the sleeve of this dark painting.

Deco slate paint 16

Deco slate paint 17

Deco slate painting 18

Deco slate paint 19

On the stairs we can also use this painting to decorate the risers of the steps and also in a fun way and in which the whole family can take part. The front of the kitchen can also be covered with this waterproof paint that will also allow us to change the design whenever we want. At the door of the pantry will have an effect as practical as decorative. But we can also use it to create the head of our bed, we can decorate it to our liking and also change that decoration as many times as we want.

Deco slate paint 20

You only have to decide that you have to buy a quality painting, for it nothing like being advised by good specialists who will recommend the best painting for each environment and decoration. It is important that the paint you buy can be washed comfortably with soap and water to change the decoration easily.

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