20 open concept living rooms

The living rooms modern, loft-type spaces and other open-concept, have certain features that did not appear in the past. They are multipurpose and multi-purpose spaces that must cover very different needs. And that are also together with other spaces dedicated to other tasks with which it must maintain a good aesthetic coherence.


A large rug cuts out and marks the space that occupies the living or sitting area in this glazed and open space that also includes the dining room.


A cozy corner to read or chat with friends intimately. The combination of the quilted sofa and the designer chairs stands out.


Neutral tones always create elegant environments. And if we combine them correctly, we can create sophisticated environments that are not boring at all. Important to play with the textures.


Color is always a good incentive, especially in spaces as bright as this living room. White is the perfect background for this little explosion of color.


A large clock becomes the center of attention in this corner of rest. Of course you will not need to check the phone to see the time.


On this occasion the color of the wall has been used to delimit the living area. Therefore the carpet has been reduced to the minimum expression so that it does not clash with the rest of the decoration.


The natural light in a space decorated in white makes us feel almost like on a cloud. That luminosity, especially on a sunny day, has something very special that is difficult to tell.


The beige color of the walls and furniture plus the wood create a very warm environment that counteracts the effect of natural light that enters through the huge window.


A good example of how the brown color can be used as a neutral color. We can even use different tones to create a coordinated environment.


A small living area inserted between the kitchen and the dining room. Actually, it is not necessary anymore to be able to rest or meet with friends.


In this loft urban space we have everything you need. The living area is integrated by the chosen colors and is delimited by the use of a large carpet.


Design and youth in abundance in this unique space, clean, elegant, sophisticated and luminous. The furniture has been chosen with great pleasure to create a light but glamorous set.


Here we have a good example of the work that a good carpet can play when it comes to delimiting our living area from the rest of the space. In a neutral space where grays and cement prevail, a mustard-colored carpet makes the difference.


Of course it is not available to anyone but a double-height living, taking advantage of the space of a two-level construction, is a really luxurious solution.


Although also in more ordinary spaces and close to the mortals we can take advantage of the outside light even in a more humble way.


Living inside a clock, even if it is only the shell of it, is another of those luxuries reserved for a privileged few.


We have seen a lot of examples in which the most important point is luminosity. Here we will see the opposite, a dark and reserved but very elegant space and that still has a good natural light.


In a space like this, with straight lines and smooth furniture, having a thick carpet of long hair adds that point of contrast and texture that acclimates the environment.


The roof covered with wooden slats gives this space a special dimension. It enchanges and expands the gaze offering a very peculiar perspective.


And to finish a clean and bright space, bright and without great complications that integrates the interior with the exterior and is very pleasant.

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