20 inspiring modern dining rooms

If we talk about common areas in a house, of course, the dining room must be placed first. It is not very well understood a dining room without people, it is the room in which usually the family or the family will meet with their guests to share and share any food. The 20 dining rooms included in this post are unique but each one creates a safe and welcoming environment where any family will be happy sharing their bread and wine.


The dining room can also be a fundamental part of the exterior of the house as in this example. It takes advantage of the superb structure of the house.


The architectural structure of this fantastic house allows you to enjoy the interior and exterior with just a few steps.


Much simpler this dining room oozes intimacy and recollection without forgetting that look to the outside propitiated by the large window.


Another example of the use of light, this greenhouse structure makes this dining room a unique space.


A small dining room decorated with style and elegance fits anywhere as this beautiful example shows us.


The dining rooms located in open spaces like this one must follow the general decoration so as not to be out of tune but on the contrary, to be integrated both in form and in color.


Simplicity and style, this dining room inspired by the typical design of the mid-twentieth century should serve as inspiration to solve similar situations.


The lamp plays a decisive role when defining the space of the dining room. It helps us to highlight their situation and attract the look.


A small, tiny dining room that is located on the side of this loft. Humble and inconspicuous but sufficient for its purpose.


Although speaking of small and stylish modern dining rooms nothing like the one above. Charm and dye is not missing.


This wide table of Felipe Broering It is not too big but it offers that amplitude that allows to enjoy a good banquet.


Although we need more space and we love long after-hours you will love this proposal. A simple but wide table and comfortable and cozy chairs.


A small table attached to the island kitchen is a great place to have breakfast and even make informal meals with the most intimate.


Impressive proposal to eat with style. The black color allows to perfectly differentiate the dining area in this kitchen.


In this proposal, the dining room is more hidden, only the lamps clearly mark its position.


Another comfortable and practical proposal for a functional, elegant and practical dining room inspired by the design of the classics of the last century.


Upholstering the chairs with different fabrics is an alternative option to the combination of chairs that has been so worn in recent times. In a neutral and minimalist space like this one is really striking.


This dining room opts for simplicity so as not to detract from the charm of that incomparable view offered by the large window. Although without giving up the design and the taste for the classics.


Another simple and elegant dining room with original bookshelf, although it may not be the best place to store wine bottles.


A white table, totally neutral, that stands out instead thanks to the striking yellow chairs that surround it.

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