20 ideas to add stripes to the decoration

The stripes are a timeless decorative resource that we can still exploit so that our home has an elegant and sophisticated look. We can use striped patterned fabrics, paper for wallpaper, upholstery, paintings and many other supports.


Below we want to show you 20 ideas to add stripes to the decoration that will surely come in handy if you are interested in this easy decorative resource.


Both on the wall and on the floor, on the wallpaper or on a carpet, the stripes always look good and create a nice visual effect.



But there are many more options, paint a piece of furniture with colorful stripes, which we can do ourselves in a moment, or install tiles in different complementary colors.



The stripes help us break the monotony and create more interest in the eye of the beholder. It is a classic resource that will never disappoint you.



There are spaces in which stripes can create a strong impression for the unexpected. In the kitchen and stairs for example it is easy to introduce the stripes using rugs, the effect is interesting and striking.


Walls papered or painted with stripes will give an elegant and sophisticated look to any room, from the hall to the rooms.



And there are still many resources in the manga, accessories, auxiliary objects and various textiles are also simple ways to introduce the stripes in our decoration.




Upholstery, carpets and other textiles are as you know an infallible weapon for any decorative change. Also with the stripes will be our best allies.



In the bedroom we can be bold or conservative, in the first case we can decorate the ceiling to create a strong contrast; It will be fantastic in youth rooms with a neutral base. The bed linen, with striped pattern, is the conservative option that never fails.




Bathrooms with stripes formed by black and white stone tiles, black and white striped carpets in a living room with furniture of intense color or in a wall of a room where the neutral background is the prevailing guideline; They are excellent ideas to make our home more elegant and sophisticated.


Appliances like the refrigerator, in white and gold, create an interesting focal point that will certainly not go unnoticed. Whether in black and white or combining other colors, the stripes are a magnificent decorative resource that we encourage you to explore.

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