2 small apartments decorated in red and blue

On this occasion we want to show you two ideas based on the same principle for decorate a small apartment . It is how you will see decorating using primary colors , Red and blue , one in each apartment. The primary colors are striking, attractive and represent a challenge when used in decoration but as you will see the result can more than compensate for the effort.


The first proposal is developed on an apartment of only 56 square meters and is the work of the designer Nika Vorotyntseva. The general background of the apartment is neutral, white, wood and black make up the canvas on which the notes of red highlight, highlight and give coherence to the whole.


To add a little more contrast has been used to this lovely rug with spike design that provides texture and also very well together with the zigzag of the cord of the red sofa lamp.


The sofa-pouffe is not only eye-catching but also terribly comfortable. A magical piece to lie down to read or listen to music comfortably.


The storage space is integrated and out of sight for the most part. The small hall opens to the living, forming a large and pleasant space for newcomers.


So that the kitchen is not completely separated we have a radiator in red on a black wall. Thus the practical kitchen is perfectly integrated into the unique space.


The same resource is followed in the bedroom, here the neutral tones predominate to create a pleasant and relaxing space but we also have a red radiator.


And behind the wooden doors we find the bathroom with a red mosaic that continues to relate to the rest of the house.


The same designer, Nika Vorotyntseva, has decorated this apartment of 67 square meters also using a primary color. This time it was blue and the result can not be more different.


Unlike the previous apartment here has been chosen to create different spaces. The blue wall delimits the private areas of the common ones forming an interesting border. The dining room table uses a pipe that has been painted orange and a chair of the same color has been used to create a beautiful effect.


The entrance to the apartment is produced by the kitchen where a small space serves as an entrance and to park the bicycle.


The bedroom is behind the blue wall and has a gray curtain that allows opening the space to the other part of the apartment. Cement and wood are the primary materials with which the bed and the rest of the bedroom have been made.


A small work area gives way to the private bathroom decorated in orange. To emphasize the original painting of the concrete wall, those blue paint drips give it a modern and informal air that is youthful and transgressive.

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