19 small and lovely dining rooms

In the busy modern life there is less and less time to sit quietly to eat, not to mention the bad habits that almost all of us are acquiring to eat anything on the couch, in front of the television. For some reasons or others the classic dining room tends to disappear in many homes, especially when space is scarce. A good solution is to create a small dining room that fits in any corner, and so we make sure that the family feels together to eat even if only once a day.


A small dining room can be mounted anywhere in the house as we will see below, although logically the usual places for this need are the kitchen and the living room. But you can also use any space, corner or space next to the window of the house.


A small table and a bench attached to the wall fit anywhere and without sacrificing elegance as this nice dining room installed in a corner.



The kitchen surely takes the cake when it comes to installing a small dining room, it is the most practical area of ​​course, it is close to the food preparation area and we also avoid displacements. Apart from that we do not dirty the rest of the house. And of course also in the kitchen fit all styles, from the most casual to the most elegant for our cozy dining room.


A piece of furniture like the one above, between the peninsula, bar and dining table can be enough to cover the file and as we see, it occupies very little space.





Above we have four examples of inspiring designs for a small dining room, cozy but very elegant and sophisticated. Because one thing does not detract from the other, we must not renounce elegance because of the lack of space.




The spaces next to the windows can be used in many ways depending on their structure. If the span is wide we can use it as a shelf to set the table or create a bench to sit. In addition there is nothing like breakfast, lunch or dinner enjoying a beautiful landscape, whether natural or urban.



The dining room can also take advantage of the island or bar of the kitchen, either totally or partially according to the space available.



We have seen some examples of transparent furniture and here we have two more. As you know, transparent furniture offers us a great advantage in small spaces due to its lack of visual volume. Both chairs and tables are a great option to create a small dining room.



Serious or informal, elegant or carefree, a dining room is always necessary in each home and as we have seen the space is not a problem if we squeeze a little our ingenuity.


Sometimes we can find the ideal space where we least expect it, even on a landing or distributor, even if it's just for breakfast or a light snack.

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