19 magnificent retro style livings

The charming and elegant design of the 50s and 60s has been resurrected. These 19 magnificent retro style livings will make it very clear. That familiar, modern and contemporary air makes the design of those decades of the 20th century something very special.


Warmth, life and color go hand in hand to create eclectic environments that convey life and personality. Although we can work on colored backgrounds, white offers us a free space on which to use dark wood, typical of the style, and textiles and colored furniture.


The geometric and colorful prints are another element that will help us create an atmosphere. Carpets, pillow cases and upholstery are an easy tool to introduce color in our living room.


The ethnic design of the carpet and the coffee table with the trunk board create a distinctly American atmosphere in this living room.


On the other hand, this example, much more neutral, stands out for its wonderful leather sofa and decorative accessories.


Lighting is a very important factor to consider. This beautiful lamp gives the final point to the decoration of this living room.


A tremendous block of wood with hardly any treatment and the large L-shaped sofa as well as the Arab-style leather poufs characterize this elegant example.


This wooden roof is very of the time but it is a risky bet if it is not combined perfectly. Bright colors, white and a lot of light are essential elements for this proposal to triumph.


Exactly the same could be said of this living room, although here the prevailing white in the whole space counteracts very well the effect of the wooden ceiling, although this time the height of it also helps.


Sometimes, like this one, the retro style can be treated in a more subtle but not less effective way.


Minimalism and Nordic airs are not at all at odds with the retro style. Actually they have many points in common.


The furniture of the time is unmistakable and puts us in immediate situation. Its design is unmistakable and many times so innovative that it seems incredible that they have so many years on it.


Here there are many interesting things but it shows us another typical element, the cowhide rugs, another complement very of the time.



In reality, the retro style is an eclectic style that allows us to gather furniture and decorative objects of very different origin, both in time and especially in space. At a time when tourist travel became popular, there are very different influences in decoration.



Although the influence of the great masters of design, of those decades and before, is palpable and inescapable. American and European teachers who knew each other very well and influenced each other.



Wood is the most interesting raw material and characteristic of this style but it is not less all the industrial that is reflected in the use of plastics and metals.


A retro-style living room, inspired by the design of the 50s and 60s, offers a warm, relaxing and bright atmosphere that is tremendously rewarding. A comfortable and livable elegance.

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