19 luxurious dream bathtubs

Few things are more relaxing, for most people, than a long bath with hot water. For this we need a comfortable bathtub in which we can stretch our legs, recline the head, close our eyes and enjoy a soft music. This can be done in any container, these 19 luxurious dream bathtubs go a step further, they want to be the center of your bathroom by themselves and not only by their function. And I have to admit that they do it with flying colors.


A soft concave, uneven shape, which is highlighted by the small pedestal. The tap that emerges from the floor has just completed the independence of the bathtub that thus becomes a real hamam.


Pure symbolism the design of these bathroom elements, that discreet contrast of black and white topped with the fluidity of that spiral line that recalls the flow of water.


The travertine marble shows us all its rustic natural elegance in this charming bathtub and the no less charming environment.


Sometimes the beauty and the protagonism of a decorative element is in its capacity to blend in, to move away from the view to allow us to enjoy what surrounds it, like this encased bathtub.


This triangular bathtub with rounded shapes brings a natural, organic and relaxing touch to this warm and cozy bathroom.


The excess also has its charm, especially when displayed with elegance and cultural references such as this extraordinary Art Deco inspired bathtub.


The curved shapes in the bathtubs not only have an ornamental function, on the contrary, they are very practical to support the back.


This elegant black bathtub, which seems carved in onyx, is rounded but low profile to be as if it were blurred in that luminous corner.


This instead becomes the main star, black and white, the most elegant combination possible and arranged on a royal pedestal that isolates it from the wooden floor.


There must be bathtubs for all tastes, there are those who hate lying in the bathtub and prefer to sit still. In this model you will feel completely at ease because it is designed to sit down.


Enrolling a curved shape in a rectilinear block is what has been done with this beautiful bathtub. A simple design that creates a nice and clear minimalist atmosphere.

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A classic design redefined for a space of great elegance and classic aftertaste. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this stately bathroom.


Here instead we go to the most ferocious minimalism, a rectangular design in an open space and clean lines.


Another example of minimalism, more current, for when space is not exactly what is left over.


A different bathtub for a casual and fun environment. That difference of thickness of the walls of the bathtub combine very well with the partition that separates the bedroom.


A true sculpture, this bathtub follows a very original line that looks like the assembly of two different pieces. An original way of seeing an object so usual.


A bathroom as bold as this certainly deserves a truly distinctive bathtub. The bathtub Crib, by Patricia Urquiola, was prepared with a tubular bronze frame that hugs the bathtub.


A black bathtub located in a concrete environment, under it the floor has been lowered and covered with stone pavers. The bathtub is the only curved object, next to the glass vase, of the whole environment.


A prodigious lamp, an iconic armchair, works of art on the wall and the center this beautiful curved bathtub that stands out like a jewel.

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