19 beautiful rooms in boho chic style

If you pay a little attention to these 19 beautiful rooms in boho chic style that we have gathered in this article I am convinced that you will find inspiration so that your bedroom can look as bohemian and charming as those oozed by these proposals.

Boho chic bedrooms 1

The boho chic demands color, freshness, imagination and daring , break with the pre-established schemes and dare to try daring combinations. This little escape from the cold borders of the convention will make your bedroom an almost fabulous place where you can unwind and relax.

Boho chic bedrooms 2

Boho chic bedrooms 3

This style gives us enough room to maneuver so we can adapt it to our liking. From exotic and sophisticated airs to simple and practical solutions, all this fits in the boho chic and makes it easy to decorate with it.

Boho chic bedrooms 4

Boho chic bedrooms 5

As we are seeing textiles are an essential tool of the boho chic and are characterized by their great color and ethnic designs.

Boho chic bedrooms 6

Boho chic bedrooms 7

You could think of the boho chic as a youthful style but it also has its sophisticated side as the examples immediately above show. These elaborate and exclusive neobaroque air decorations are a good example of elegant boho chic style.

Boho chic bedrooms 8

Boho chic bedrooms 9

The canopies and fabrics to cover the bed are also characteristic of the boho chic style that, although not always used, can work very well to give a more exotic look to the room.

Boho chic bedrooms 10

Boho chic bedrooms 11

Boho chic bedrooms 12

As you can see, this style is quite eclectic and we can use furniture from very different origins. The boho chic stands out more for the overall effect than for using a certain furniture design. So we can use iron beds painted in bright colors, classic wooden beds or beds without structure.

Boho chic bedrooms 13

Boho chic bedrooms 14

Boho chic bedrooms 15

The truth is that in most times you can give a bohemian air to the room by simply changing the textiles of it. Quilts and quilt covers in bright colors and floral or geometric patterns, carpets, cushions and curtains are enough tools to transform virtually any room into a fabulous boho chic bedroom.

Boho chic bedrooms 16

Boho chic bedrooms 17

Retro air, exotic reverie, the boho chic needs all this and above all imagination and originality. Our personal touch should not be missing so that it really is true boho chic.

Boho chic bedrooms 18

Boho chic bedrooms 19

Browse used flea markets and second hand stores and you can find real wonders for your new boho chic style room.

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