18 room ideas in minimalist style

If you want your room or bedroom to look style and class nothing better than to opt for the minimalist style. You can have a magnificent and very neat room spending whatever you want because you can get great results from very little money. That's why we present you these 18 ideas of rooms in minimalist style , so that you have a good base from which to begin the transformation of your old room in a full of style and glamor.

Minimalist bedrooms 1

As you know, black is one of the basic colors in minimalist styles next to white. When we want to achieve an air of elegance and sophistication its use is almost inevitable. Combined with white is fantastic, it is one of those color combinations that never fail.

Minimalist bedrooms 2

Minimalist bedrooms 3

Black and white will be the colors you must work with basically to decorate your minimalist room but you can also introduce grays, for example, to act as threads between the opposite poles that represent white and black. Neither should you forget another fundamental resource that sometimes does not pay the necessary attention and are the textures, does not produce, for example, the same effect a textile or furniture or complement either white or black if it is completely smooth or has a certain texture .

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Another factor to take into account is the geographical situation of the house and its peculiarities arquitectónicas. The room we see above, all decorated in white and methacrylate certainly would not be so beautiful if it were not for that extraordinary seascape that can be seen through the enormous window at the foot of the bed, glorious simply.

Minimalist bedrooms 7

Minimalist bedrooms 8

Some people think that minimalism is cold and impersonal, good is an opinion as respectable as another. But any decorative style must admit personalization or certainly has no future and is not something that happens to minimalism that already has a long journey. Decorative objects, carpets, curtains, textiles, lamps, there is a whole world of auxiliary accessories that will allow us to create a room totally adapted to our tastes and needs.

Minimalist bedrooms 9

Minimalist Bedrooms 10

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When white is chosen as a background color on walls, ceilings and floors, it is necessary to create lines of rupture in order to break this excessive uniformity. An excellent solution for this purpose are the black pendant lamps. A magnificent resource that we can also connect with the bedding and get a good integration of the whole.

Minimalist bedrooms 13

So far we have seen the black and white classics but minimalism also has a material that man has used since the beginning of his existence, wood. A wooden floor or a bed or base of futon in light color beech or similar is another magnificent minimalist resource that will give a very important natural air to our room.

Minimalist bedrooms 14

Minimalist Bedrooms 15

In a minimalist room there are also room for things like separating rooms and filling them with decorative objects, although from the outset we always identify minimalism as an absolute emptiness. No, not at all, above we have a couple of perfect examples. In the first photograph we see a window in a very thin black metal structure that separates the bed from the rest of the room creating an area of ​​privacy and comfort. And in the lower image we have a room with a rich selection of decorative objects that are perfect because they follow the pattern of the decoration of the room.

Minimalist bedrooms 16

Minimalist bedrooms 17

Although we talk about minimalism in general, you will have noticed that there is a great variety of substyles and variations that allow to adapt the minimalist style to any taste and need. From the natural hut style to the sophisticated urban, from wood to concrete, there is a lot and a lot to choose from.

Minimalist bedrooms 18

Minimalist bedrooms 19

In the minimalist style the floor also has great importance because when using low beds or not using a bed directly, the visual impact of the floor is stronger because it seems to be more present. Usually wood or cement is used, well microcemento in fact, like covering of the ground. Both can end in multiple and varied ways so that we find the one that best suits our needs.

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