18 proposals for porches in Scandinavian style

When you live in an independent house with a porch, you must take care of it because it has a great importance in the decoration of the house. It is a special place and with an important mission, to connect the interior with the exterior of the house. It is thus constituted both in a presentation card and in a link between the interior decoration of the house and the outside of it. And of course you should follow the decorative style of the house, so if your house is decorated in Scandinavian style You must also decorate your porch following the same style. That's why we've put together these 18 inspiring Scandinavian-style porches so you can take note.


Of course there is a wide variety of porches, more or less large, that require different decorations. But in general you can find solutions that you can apply to your particular case, either literally or with your own adaptation.


On a large porch, there is room for both a dining area and a living area, or both if space permits. In a space and a style like this, the first option is to opt for rustic wooden furniture.



Natural wood or painted in white will be the main material. Nor should we forget textiles and furs to bring warmth to the environment.



The plants and plant motifs are of great importance for the decoration of a Scandinavian style porch. As well as the combination of natural materials, wood and stone above all.



The colors will be typical of the Nordic style, white, black, gray but we can also complement them with a touch of color that acts as a contrast.



Candles are a good decorative element when we want to decorate a porch in Scandinavian style. When used outdoors, a flashlight or other similar object is essential to protect the flame. The combination of candles and lanterns thus becomes another attraction to brighten the whole.


These charming armchairs made with reclaimed wood are more than just furniture. Overcoming its more or less practical side they become authentic decorative objects that convey a strong character to the decoration of the porch.


The furniture and decorative wicker objects or other similar vegetable fiber always look good in this style that seeks to connect deeply with the environment.




The textiles have an enormous importance in the decoration of a porch in Scandinavian style, they contribute great part of the necessary texture in all decoration.


To emphasize the importance of plants, especially when facing the porch we have the garden, we can take advantage of it to create an extension of it.



It is very simple to decorate a porch in Scandinavian style, we just have to follow the general guidelines of the style and look for simplicity and naturalness. You can get a good decoration in a simple and economical way.

Photos: pinterest.com

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