18 inspirations for a minimalist terrace

The minimalist terraces invite us to enjoy directly and without intermediaries the open air and the landscape that surrounds us. They become mere vehicles that try to pass as unnoticed as possible, they want to be in the background so that the protagonists are ourselves and the environment. With these 18 inspirations for a minimalist terrace we hope that you, lovers of this extraordinary style, can mount your terrace and enjoy the exterior of your home which is also part of it.

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The natural elements are fundamental in a minimalist terrace. We only have straight lines, angles and little else to build a nice space. That little bit more is a correct use of the classic elements, water, air, fire and earth.

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Although we let ourselves be dazzled, and rightly so, with those extraordinary minimalist terraces, but in a maximalist version, with great views of the sea and huge open spaces, we must not forget that we can use this style even for a much more human space.

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We also have a certain tendency to identify minimalism with those empty terraces occupied only by a little water, a lot of concrete and some wood, green, the vegetable kingdom also has a place and only to see it gives us that unique sensation of freshness that they transmit the plants.

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Minimalism is not synonymous with roasting in the sun, a wide and comfortable area of ​​shade will be essential in places of warm and warm climate to be able to enjoy our terrace during the day.

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Geometry plays a fundamental role in the design of a minimalist terrace. The different areas and spaces that make up the terrace should be formed by straight lines mostly, which does not prevent occasional use of circular or spherical shapes to create accents and contrasts.

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Here we have an example of those enviable minimalist terraces with beautiful marine views. And a good example of that use of circular shapes to give that little feminine touch to a space so straight and masculine.

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It also fits a friendly space, current and without great pretensions for a daily life and as normal. This charming corner allows you to enjoy a warm fire in style.

Ideas of minimalist terraces 14

When minimalism is allied with the ethnic we find wonders like this one. Stucco, lime and a door that tells us about exotic places.


A screen can isolate our terrace even in the most populated of the cities and help us create an intimate and pleasant minimalist space.


Minimalism is tremendously symbolic, the solitude of the tree is highlighted by those grown up behind the wall. A whole poem of modernity.

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Ideas of minimalist terraces 18

In short, a minimalist terrace is not necessarily an aseptic and cold space, on the contrary it can tell many things about ourselves without too much fanfare. Only with a good use of the basic building materials and the simplest ornaments.

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