18 impressive bathrooms for a chalet

Although the name "chalet" is used to designate many and varied constructions, one must know that in reality a chalet is a typical mountain house in the Alps. Yes, those charming houses built with wood and stone that we can see in those beautiful alpine landscapes. Well then we are going to see 18 impressive bathrooms for a chalet that can be used by those who own a construction of this type to decorate a charming bathroom. And for those of us who do not enjoy that luck, then nothing, to enjoy with the imagination.


The architecture will strongly mark the decoration of a villa's bathroom. Wood is a great raw material to work on and we can combine it perfectly with stone and porcelain.


An element that we have to keep in mind will be the landscape. Normally a chalet will be built in a mountainous area and therefore we must take advantage of the environment to improve the decoration of our bathroom. The windows, both wall and ceiling, will provide good natural lighting and enjoy the views while taking a bath.




In these three examples above we have a good representation of the good integration of wood and stone. These two natural materials combine perfectly and we have to extract all their juice.



Even for those of us who are not supporters of bathtubs, we must recognize that a chalet or a cabin can be a fantastic way to enjoy a romantic evening or a relaxing bath.



But it also fits the use of the shower or both combined elements. Especially in the case of the shower we will have to have the cabin well insulated or install a ceramic coating so that the wood of the floor is not damaged by humidity.




We may see the chalet as a type of construction that does not allow much variation in its decoration. Above we can see three different examples that show us that a bathroom in a chalet can be modern and avant-garde.


And even transgressive and daring like the one in the superior image. A risky exercise perhaps but of great visual impact.




Classic, avant-garde, with industrial air, the bathrooms of the villas can be decorated in any style and although the structure may be similar the finish will be totally different.



In the decoration of the bathroom of a chalet there is a factor that has a great significance, the environment, we must not forget to enjoy the landscape comfortably while we take a relaxing bath.

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