18 ideas to decorate with wallpaper

Have you papered a wall at home and left you a roll or less? With that you have enough to plan one of the following decorative projects based on wallpaper. And if that is not the case you can always buy a roll of wallpaper that you like. There are many objects that you can improve with something as simple to use as wallpaper.

Decorate with paper 1

Something as easy as covering the paspartús of the photographs with wallpaper will terribly transform the appearance of the decoration of the room where they are located.

Decorating with paper 2

This lovely side table It is decorated with a piece of wallpaper. To avoid that the paper can be damaged with the use it is only necessary to give a few layers of glue on top.

Decorate with paper 3

A work of art economical and easy to perform , you just have to line a canvas framed with wallpaper, add some adornment or detail of your taste and you will have a magnificent work to hang on the wall.

Decorating with paper 4

A simple, simple and basic shelving it becomes a superinteresting auxiliary piece of furniture, we only have to paper the wood, add a glass front to the acid and some matching wheels.

Decorating with paper 5

For renovate the boiserie or a large piece of furniture A few pieces of wallpaper in the front of the doors is a sensational idea.

Decorating with paper 6

These pretty and practical containers They have been transformed thanks to a few small pieces of wallpaper, a simple idea and easy to carry out.

Decorating with paper 7

The breakfast tray usually ends with the background somewhat damaged by use, we cover the background with a piece of paper and we can continue to enjoy the tray for a long time.

Decorating with paper 8

frames of different sizes and shapes covered with wallpaper is another way to decorate your walls without spending almost anything.

Decorating with paper 9

East cabinet furniture , practical and essential in the storage of usual warm clothing earns a lot by covering the background with a wallpaper to match the color of the room and furniture handles.

Decorating with paper 10

A old comfortable can become a modern and current furniture, a new color and cover the fronts of drawers and doors with wallpaper to match the paint used in the restoration and we will have a sophisticated and elegant dresser.

Decorating with paper 11

One more way to decorate any wall without spending a fortune, a good paper that you like framed in three equal frames and you will have a lovely triptych to raise the tone of your decor.

Decorating with paper 12

Even to renew the screen of a lamp After dinner there is nothing so easy and comfortable as wallpaper.

Decorating with paper 13

East oriental flag style system It allows you to use wallpaper only by adding a pair of metal or wooden bars and a piece of string.

Decorating with paper 14

When we restore a piece of furniture we usually paint it, the wallpaper will come perfect to give a new style to this recovered furniture. It will be elegant and sophisticated and we will save a bit of paint.

Decorating with paper 15

Those frames that seemed dull and boring and have you stored anywhere can come back to life and be completely renewed with a piece of wallpaper.

Decorating with paper 16

A old screen It is one of those elements that we can renew and revitalize with some sheets of wallpaper. We will get a new look and better integrated into the environment.

Decorating with paper 17

Wallpaper is also a great ally when it comes to renovate or create a headboard for the bed . If we have changed the style or renewed the painting of our bedroom, maybe the headboard of the bed has been a bit out of play, because we cover it with wallpaper and we put it back to tone.

Decorating with paper 18

When we talk about making a wall with wallpaper we usually mean wallpapering a wall with the same wallpaper but how about making a collage with cuts of different wallpaper designs? An attractive and risky idea but it can be very good if you hit with the ideal combination.

Photos: bhg.com

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