18 ideas to decorate with the rose 'quartz' of Pantone

For the first time in its history Pantone has opted for two colors for this year 2016 when usually he has always chosen only one. The blue 'Serenity' and the pink 'quartz' have been the lucky ones. Two shades of low profile that can be used in a thousand and one ways, either alone or combined. In this post we want to show you 18 ideas to decorate with the rose 'quartz' of Pantone that surely will not leave you indifferent, or at least we hope so.


Long identified as a feminine color, pink, it has many more resources and can be used in multiple environments. Social and cultural conventions are annoying but not insurmountable barriers, it is something that we constantly see as soon as we look back.


A living room or living room with walls painted in pink creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in which to feel at ease both when we are alone and socializing. It is a soft, low impact color, which due to the aforementioned conventions becomes a color that denotes a strong personality.




There are many ideas to decorate the common areas with the pink 'quartz' alone or combined with the blue 'Serenity' or any other color such as white, gray, mint green, silver, copper or gold.


This pink can also be a great choice to decorate a room, whether female or not, it allows a lot of play according to the colors we use in your company.



Basically, dark and saturated tones, blue and black, are also perfect with the rose in question. This combination is certainly fine whether we use the rose to decorate the walls or if we use it in some important piece of furniture in the room.



But we can not give up the classic use, a baby room or nursery decorated in pink 'quartz' will have an elegant, classic and yet totally modern look.



Using iconic furniture, chairs and armchairs, upholstered in an elegant pink fabric will also help us to give a contemporary look to any room.



You can resort to modern and contemporary designs or to classic or even historical designs. And as you can see they look good in any decoration, they become important focal points that attract the look and give a very personal point to the decoration.


You can also use the rose 'quartz' to give a touch of color to a space decorated in other colors, such as white, beige and light wood in this kitchen. Highlights the pink lamp that goes up a little the general tone of the decoration.


As we have stressed on many other occasions, the use of textiles is a good way to introduce fashionable colors. This tablecloth combined with the floral arrangement can be used in any dining room decorated in neutral tones.



The possibilities are very varied and numerous to introduce this color so current in our decoration. Throw yourself and try first with some textiles, cushions, curtains, a chair or other small furniture, you will see that it has good lace in most decorative styles.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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