18 ideas for a perfect laundry

Having a space for laundry at home is no longer a luxury or anything extraordinary. On the contrary, it is a very interesting way to integrate those essential appliances nowadays, the washing machine and the dryer, in the decoration of our house. It is clear that it must be primarily a practical space but as we will see it does not mean that it can be beautiful. And that's why we present these 18 ideas for a perfect laundry that will help you improve yours easily.


As you know, the decoration begins with cleanliness and order. This makes the laundry an important element in the decoration of our home.


An elegant lamp can make the difference between the typical "laundry room" and a modern laundry. It is about decorating this room with style and elegance so that it does not clash with the rest of the house.


Because the laundry is a functional stay does not mean that it can not be well decorated and have purely ornamental elements such as this beautiful table with vintage air scrubbing.


The laundry must adapt to the needs of the family and if it needs it there is no problem in duplicating the appliances to cover all our needs.


Generally the laundry is usually a small space so it is important to make the most of the walls to organize and store. A perforated board like this will go great to have a lot of small objects well attached and by hand.


This idea may be very daring but it shows us the importance of decorating the walls of our laundry. It has been used a striking wallpaper with butterflies stamped on a metal background that certainly stands out and captures the attention of anyone.


An example of renovation of a laundry. The floor and the furniture were changed, the result is spectacular and clearly shows the party that can be taken to a laundry without major works.


You just have to pay a little attention and our laundry can look perfect. A beautiful laundry conveys the feeling of cleanliness, order and well-being.


A clothesline that goes out of the typical can be a good trick, practical, for the delicate clothes, at the same time as aesthetic.


You also have to be willing to tolerate a bit of clutter in a room as practical as this one. It is inevitable that from time to time we accumulate dirty clothes or the slope of ironing.


If you have enough space you can not miss a pile in your laundry to wash the most delicate small items. The countertops are also very practical, let alone the cupboards.


The elegance is in the detail, a vintage-style clothesline like this one will fulfill the same task as a standard but more decorative one.


And why not? The laundry is one more room in the house and deserves the same attention as the rest. A vintage piece of furniture or a shabby chic decorative object can look as good here as anywhere else in the house.


The detergent, softener and other products you use in the laundry will look better in glass jars. Just be careful to identify them well to avoid confusions and dangerous situations.


Separate and conquer, having baskets or containers for each type of clothing will greatly facilitate the task of the laundry.


Curtains are an easy, beautiful and economical resource to hide everything we do not want to be visible in our laundry.


A few simple images like these can give a different air to our laundry. It is a simple idea that will not demand much from us and instead has a great decorative effect.


We are always tempted to leave the laundry in any way, for that no one will see, but it is a great idea to have it well decorated if only for our own satisfaction. Working in a pleasant environment is always more efficient than doing it in a place where we do not feel comfortable.


Follow the trend, the decorative style of the rest of the house is a great solution to create a laundry perfectly integrated into the home.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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