17 ideas to decorate your balcony this Christmas

Many of us do not have a garden or porch to decorate at Christmas, but if you have a balcony, no matter how small, you can also decorate the outside of your house for Christmas. Below you can see 17 fantastic ideas to decorate your balcony this Christmas that will surely inspire you to make your balcony look splendid these next holidays.


This balcony is probably the maximum ideal, with enclosure that allows to place a complete decoration, with skins, lights and small conifers that form a spectacular picture.


A small table for two, if we can or we dare to take something on the balcony can be as beautiful as this one. Of course a very romantic and youthful proposal.


If you have nice plants like the ones above you only need garlands, tinsel, spheres and a crown to mount an excellent Christmas decoration on your balcony.




The natural or artificial garlands are a typical element in the Christmas decoration and on the balcony they are always well placed on the railing.


And if we do not have complexes or want to draw attention to anything like the lights so that your balcony is as spectacular as this one.




When decorating a handrail you can take into account the three solutions seen above, decorate the top of the railing, this and the bars or just the last ones. The decoration in a straight line is simpler but cold and instead if we introduce curves we are giving more fluidity to create a more organic decoration. Especially when we use branches or leaves of conifers that decoration in curved form is as much more natural.



The spheres and the Christmas lights will be perfect on the railing. Although you can also add some on the bars or let them hang even a little below the level of the balcony.



A good combination of natural and artificial elements always looks good in any Christmas decoration. We combine the saturated color of the Christmas spheres or any other similar object with the natural air of the leaves and branches of conifers.


This beautiful grate looks a bit overwhelmed by the excess of elements that cloud its beauty. When the balcony is very ornate in itself, be careful with the Christmas decorations so as not to overdo it.



Let us have a simple and small balcony or a large and elegant balcony we can decorate it so that the Christmas spirit can be felt even from the outside of our house.

Photos: pinterest.com

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