17 ideas to decorate with shelves

With these 17 ideas to decorate with shelves that we bring you today you can find inspiration to decorate any room in the house. Yes, decorating, because the shelves are not only a purely practical complement but also can be used to cover any wall that needs it.

Decorate with shelves 1

And much more, the shelves can solve various needs as in this image above, a group of shelves has been created that decorate, store objects and also the lower shelf, wider, serves as a desk.

Decorate with shelves 2

There are certainly original shelves that combine natural elements such as tree branches with covered or lacquered boards. It is what we see above and it is a fantastic and very decorative combination due to the strong contrast between both elements.

Decorate with shelves 3

Another fantastic example of a desk with shelves that form a very practical and sober set. Including a drawer under the floating desk board will allow us to increase and improve the storage capacity.

Decorate with shelves 4

Decorate with shelves 5

In the kitchen the shelves as well as practices can be a decorative element of the first order. They allow us to have the objects ordered and take advantage of their shapes, colors and textures to decorate at the same time.

Decorating with shelves 6

Decorating with shelves 7

The children's rooms are one of the pieces of the house that more and better can benefit from the decoration with shelves. We will find a great variety of models in the market with very funny designs and they are also a great complement to educate the children in this task, ungrateful but necessary, which is order.

Decorate with shelves 8

A good idea that has been gaining strength in the decoration with shelves is to cover the interior with wallpaper. It is a very easy solution to renovate our old shelves without making a great effort and without having to spend much on it.

Decorating with shelves 9

In the hall a small set of modular shelves can be tremendously practical while filling the space without saturating it.

Decorate with shelves 10

Decorating with shelves 11

As we are seeing the shelves have a double slope, practice that is the most obvious and in which we usually think in the first place and decorative that we are discovering now. An industrial style metal shelf can serve as an island in the kitchen, a very interesting idea.

Decorating with shelves 12

A classic that seems to have a resurgence are systems based on metal rails. Its installation is quite simple and above all they are very comfortable to change the distribution of the shelves according to our needs. They also have that industrial air that is so worn now.

Decorate with shelves 13

Decorate with shelves 14

In the kitchen we can get a lovely decoration with shelves, especially now that both the cabinets without doors are carried and leave the jars with food in sight. A great decorative and practical solution at the same time.

Decorate with shelves 15

Decorating with shelves 16

Decorating with shelves 17

We have discovered, at least it has happened to me, the great possibilities that shelves present when decorating any room in the house and at the same time get a good extra space for storage and organization.

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