16 romantic rooms in Provencal style

To capture a romantic atmosphere we have several options but perhaps none is as accurate as the Provencal style. This style reminds us of the country houses of the French Provence, an eminently agricultural region until a hundred years ago, and still today, but in which tourism has become a leading industry. Provencal style is based on the use of natural materials and rustic finishes.


Wood, terracotta tiles, fabrics and pastel colors are the main protagonists of the Provencal style.


Although without forgetting the stone and the stucco. The combination wood-stone always highlights the naturalness of an environment and in the avant-garde currents is very present.


Stone walls and wooden beams are typical structural elements of the old buildings of Provence and other Mediterranean geographical areas. If we like this aspect we can find very light and easy-to-install finishing materials with which we can imitate it almost perfectly.


Provencal style is simply a rustic style in which it is important to get that retro or vintage look because it is based on traditional elements.


Sometimes it also reminds us of the most modern currents, the unfinished style, for example, when we see those walls without being plastered and those furniture and complements in unfinished wood.




But we can also find examples of Provencal style more refined or stately. Although of course they will continue to have that vintage flavor so pronounced.


As in all styles of rustic air, the architecture of the space to decorate is very important. Having old wooden ceilings, a fireplace and an old wooden floor are very important assets.


The fabrics also have a great importance in the Provencal style, the floral prints, the lace and the handmade works will always find their place in it.




Like any other decorative style, the Provencal supports combinations or crosses with other styles without having to be scandalized. Purism is usually a very narrow view of reality. The Provençal estio treated in an eclectic way can be used in any place and environment.



The wonderful thing about the current world of decoration is that we can work with any decorative style from multiple points of view. Looking for its purest and first roots or creating a revision by adding accessories that are foreign to the style but have a good fit in it.


In short, if you like the romantic and natural air of the Provencal style you can turn your bedroom into a relaxing space that facilitates the relationship. A place where the objects speak with our mind and encourage the imagination to travel far from our usual environment.

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