16 kitchens with a lot of glamor

The kitchen is a room of the house with a clear practical slope because it is where we prepare food and clean the objects related to its preparation. But it does not have to be a cold and impersonal space, quite the contrary since in many homes the kitchen becomes the main place for the relationship between the members of the family. A glamorous air does not hurt any kitchen whatever the style with which it is decorated.


As we will see below, the furniture, handles and fittings, faucets and lamps have a lot to do with the task of creating a kitchen with glamor.


In principle you might think that the glamor in a kitchen is only possible when it is decorated in classic style but nothing further as we see below.


A kitchen decorated in a modern style can also be very glamorous. The class, the elegance and the sophistication do not depend exclusively on the decorative style but rather on the approach that is given to that decoration.




Even a kitchen decorated in an industrial style can be glamorous. The brightness always gives distinction, be it gold or stainless steel.





And that's a big deal when we talk about giving a kitchen a glamorous air. The use of polished materials that reflect light is essential to create that environment we seek. The metals, steel or brass, glass, marble, all stand out for their ability to reflect the light that falls on them.




And as we speak of light we can not forget the lamps. Your role is very important when we want a kitchen to have glamor. Crystal chandeliers, designer lamps, we can choose the model that we like best and that best combines with the kitchen decor but will always be hanging lamps but can be complemented with recessed spotlights to create an elegant but practical atmosphere.



Two very different examples of glamorous cuisine, one in classic style and with two striking glass chandeliers and the other in contemporary style with simple minimalist sconces and an eye-catching armariada of golden color.


And not everything has to be expensive and sophisticated complements, a beautiful wallpaper can make the kitchen have that extra glamor we are looking for.

Photos: Interiorholic.com

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