16 ideas to paper your wall

The wallpapers they can be found in the market at all have nothing to do with the classics we saw in our childhood. There is a huge variety of designs and the quality of the support is extraordinary giving perfect finishes that have nothing to envy to the best paintings. They are also durable, resistant and very easy to clean. Let's see if with these 16 ideas to paper your wall you dare to get ready to line up.


A striped design never goes out of fashion, it is elegant and sophisticated. It can also be adapted to any decorative style.


And if we want something much more daring but totally fashionable, nothing like a floral print design in pink on a black background.


The floral and fruit motifs are a very current trend in the design of wallpapers. This golden pineapple base has very good lace in a contemporary decoration.


Geometric designs are a good choice for any decorative style because they can be very different. They work very well in a small space and lack interest to give you attractiveness.


This silver cats design is great for wallpapering a wall in the hall or living room. He is charming at the same time that sober and elegant.


Of course, if you create contrast and attract attention, you will find few designs like this one will do it. Only suitable for restless hearts.


Something that surely you had not thought. Do you know that you can customize your wallpaper ?. You just have to put a wallpaper in plain color, the one we want, and go painting the design that we like the most. We will have an original and exclusive one hundred percent wallpaper.


For a baby's room you have to choose a wallpaper in soft colors and simple designs to create a relaxing and peaceful environment.


This fantastic plant design, with birch trunks in black and white, is a very wise choice for the headboard of the bed in this room.


A small corner, fruit of the peculiar architecture of our house, can be an ideal place to install a breakfast area. If we paper it with a dark paper it will make it stand out more and demand more attention.


To quickly look like the old front of your kitchen you can use some special wallpaper for wet areas. You can change it whenever you want without any problem.


A female stay needs a wallpaper that is up to par. This design of peonies certainly is.


Fantastic design of shadows made with hands. The little ones in the house will love it and also learn a lot about this entertaining and secular fun.


Today we can find wallpapers that follow the designs of the best known merchandising. This Star Wars can not miss in the room of the most dedicated fans.


We have spoken before custom wallpapers. What do you think if instead of painting on paper we put some designs made with electrical tape ?. Easiest impossible.


You can find the funniest and crazy designs, it does not matter, if you like ahead. Do not be afraid of criticism when you really like something.

Photos: pinterest.com

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