16 ideas of beautiful and functional chimneys

Winter is approaching and one remembers the fireplace, preparing it for the first fire or why it has not installed one yet. A fireplace of classic style is a fantastic option but at the moment there is great variety of models that fulfill the same paper and of more economic form. Take a look at these 16 beautiful and functional fireplaces that we have put together to encourage you to install one in your home.


Even in the most modern decorative styles there is a fireplace that follows the aesthetics of the environment. This corner model allows to take better advantage of the available space.


It is located in a corner and has an original design that will cause a strong visual impact. It becomes the center of attention of this open living room.


This beautiful white marble frame is a magnificent ornament for a modern style fireplace. It will be just as good with an electric, bioalcohol or wood model.


Sometimes it is better that the fireplace is as discreet as possible in this beautiful house that enjoys fantastic views. In addition, the easier it is to decorate it when it is not used as in this case, candlesticks with candles are enough.


If we like the modern style nowadays, the low and wide chimneys are very common. This is a good example but you have to take into account the size of the room because it takes up a lot of space. You also have to be careful if there are children and pets in the house.


We can not forget the concrete or concrete, it is a current trend and can house a fantastic double-sided fireplace like this one.


Color, angles and volumes can be a good frame for a modern and contemporary fireplace. A point of light helps to highlight the volumes of the ornament.


The narrow and long tiles installed vertically are an option that helps to create height sensation.


In a living room so bright and decorated in light tones, a black marble fireplace creates a beautiful contrast that enhances the decoration.


A beautiful game that makes this fireplace with a simple stone frame with the TV located above. In the background a painted brick wall has just finished the set.



The stone is also a good material to create both the frame and the bottom of the chimney. It can be as classic or as original as we want.


And for lovers of classic style nothing like this fireplace with Greek-style statues and green tiles. Without forgetting the classic irons with brass knob.


Another example of a two-sided fireplace, this one framed in stone slabs. A magnificent decorative solution that is also very practical in open rooms.


Wood is also a material that combines well with fire. Although it can not be used to frame the fireplace, we can use it to cover the back wall of the fireplace.


In this case the chimney is practically mimicked in the architectural environment but a stepped frame helps to fix the gaze on it.

Photos: pinterest.com

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