15 ways to reuse drawers and wine boxes

The versatility and utility of drawers and wine boxes made of wood is more than proven. With its reuse, a good number of DIY decoration projects for home, office or commerce. Here are 15 ways to reuse drawers and boxes of wine that we hope will inspire you at least as many.


With four wooden boxes and a table you can get a magnificent desk with retro air, nothing better than to complement it with a suitable chair.


A practical piece of furniture to put your pots and store things. It can serve you as much for the living room, a room or any other space.


The rest area of ​​the company Fueled Collective, in New York, is a good example of what can be achieved with wine boxes and other types of wooden boxes.


The focacceria Don Puglisi is located in Modica, Italy. In it we also see the fantastic work that can be achieved with a few wooden boxes. It is a project carried out by the design studio Giovannigugliotta. It has a large storage capacity and the design is clean and simple.


What better than a return to the origins? Here these old boxes of milk again store bottles but now they are made of wine. At last they have become adults.


This TV cabinet is made with four wooden boxes. To achieve a vintage look, a dyeing process based on 1/2 cup of ground coffee, metal scourer and 6 cups of white vinegar has been followed.


This corner shelf has been made with wine boxes. It is necessary to get a fairly large number of them but the result is worth it.


If you collect vinyl, the wine boxes will go with pearls to use as filing cabinets. Music and wine have always been perfect allies.


Coffee table with space for storage and organization. As simple as painting and placing some wheels on an old wooden box.


It can also be transformed into an auxiliary table to have at hand our favorite reading and a decorative object that gives it a spark of color.


This magazine rack will serve to keep your collection of magazines. It has only been varnished a bit to give it a vintage look and some holes have been made to pass the rope with which the handles have been made.


A simple box of wine can become a fantastic gardener for succulents. Since they do not have to be watered much, the wood will thank you.


For special occasions you can stack several boxes to present a magnificent flower arrangement. It will look great at weddings and similar celebrations.


Another great idea: turn a box of wine into a nice stool. We will need some low legs and a jute bag as upholstery to cover a block of foam.


We can not forget our pets. A box of wine can be a decorative support for your feeders. It is a great idea for large dogs, so they will have their food and water at a more comfortable height.

Photos: pinterest.com

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