15 tips to decorate the kitchen

Whether you have to assemble your first kitchen as a remodeling of the old one or you simply want to give a new look to yours, here you will find 15 tips to decorate the kitchen that surely will not leave you indifferent. Come and take a look!


In a world full of totally white kitchens, it will not hurt to add a little color. It is an interesting option for example for an island or simply to renovate the cabinets with a little paint. You can do it yourself or order it because there are specialists in the field that get very satisfactory results.


In a kitchen in which the pattern is marked by furniture and countertops in light tones, whether it is wood or a neutral color, it is a good idea to give a little life to the walls with some dark-colored, bottle-green tiles this time .


In spite of everything, the kitchens in white remain totally current. One way to provide warmth is with the accessories, such as these fantastic stools. Warm lighting can also be a good resource.

Vintage style lamps like the ones we see here add a great personality to the kitchen. And they will be perfect in kitchens of very different styles.


These tiles create a very attractive 3 D effect, you can even dispense with hanging cabinets and let them become the protagonists.


When you want an open space but without its typical drawbacks you can choose to create a window like the one above. It separates the kitchen from the dining room but does not limit the view and includes shelves for storage.


In the kitchen a light colored wooden floor can seem a bit risky, you will see any stain and crumb, but it is worth it especially if we combine it with furniture in dark color and light colored countertops.


Keeping a corner to mount a small work area is a great idea. You just need a place to put a chair or stool, a shelf and space for your tablet or laptop.


Rustic and industrial is a combination to decorate a kitchen, in this case it is also completed with straight lines furniture forming an elegant kitchen in eclectic style and practical spirit.


Some characteristic stools, like this in copper, are a good asset to provide that elegant and distinctive touch that your kitchen needs.


The navy blue is also a good choice that can go from the painting of the walls to the textiles that we use in it.


A very interesting trend that is being imposed is the professional look for private kitchens. Open shelves, butcher-style wood countertops, tiles and glass for the front of the kitchen are some of the characteristic elements of this trend.


Quartzite is the fashionable material for kitchen countertops, cheaper than marble and much more resistant. It is a metamorphic rock of great hardness containing a large proportion of quartz in its composition, more than 90%.


The onyx or onyx is also called onyx marble and is a natural stone that can present very different aspects but all very spectacular like this one that we see in the front of this kitchen that recalls the grain of the wood.


An easy, economical and simple resource to be put into practice by anyone. Replace the metal handles and handles with leather strips. In addition, the leather will take on character as it ages.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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