15 Provencal style bathrooms

Have you decorated your room in Provencal style? Or do you think? If so, you need to have your bathroom coordinated in the same style. So you can continue enjoying the romantic and rustic atmosphere that characterizes this decorative style. For this we want to show you these 15 bathrooms in Provencal style that will inspire you and serve as a guide in the decoration of your bathroom.


As you can see there are different options or differentiated groups, the Provencal style is not monolithic and has different visions and approaches. It can be as elegant and sophisticated as you want or as natural, rustic and vintage as you prefer.


Although they always have to meet some essential requirements. Use natural raw materials, wood and stone basically, but also fit the rustic finish coatings.



The unfinished air or that leaves in sight any part of the architectural structure of the house is also a resource widely used in this style.


The bathroom can be the typical or also this fantastic example that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and without giving up the modern amenities such as the large whirlpool.



In a Provencal style room we can give all the attention to furniture and accessories, for example this bathtub with legs of clear vintage flavor.


Or instead let the protagonism have the decoration of the environment and accessories such as the bathtub are avant-garde line.


The stone can play a great role in decorating a Provencal style bathroom. Although it may depend a lot on the architecture of the space to be decorated.


From the most austere to the most sophisticated, the range of possibilities for decorating a bathroom in Provencal style is immense.



There is so much variety in this decorative style that makes possible its use in any place and architectural circumstance. You can have an old house with a tradition, you will have a great advantage taking advantage of its architecture, or in a modern home, because you can make use of other resources.



We could almost say that everything comes down to floor and wall coverings and to a correct choice of bathtub. Always the bathtub as you will have seen, because the Provencal style is supposed to be restful and romantic.


The bathtub has in the Provencal style a major importance, we could almost say that it is the center of the decoration and not so much physically as in the superior example but also from the purely aesthetic point of view.

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